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Data Protection Commissioner

Registry Details for 'An Bord Pleanála'

Company Name: An Bord Pleanála
Ref Number: 0450/A
Reg Type: DC
Company Address: 64 Marlborough Street Dublin 1
Contact: MaryKelly
Purpose: Record personal information for the purposes of employee database, Freedom of Information Acts and Access to Information on the Environment Regulations databases. Record/process planning appeals,planning applications, referrals, applications for approval of development proposals and consent to compulsory acquisition of land, Strategic Housing Development and other matters under the Planning and Development Acts,the Roads Acts, the Transport (Railway Infrastructure) Act,the Water Pollution Acts,the Building Control Acts and regulations made under those Acts.
Continuation Due Date: 18/11/2018
Description: Payroll data.Employee database giving name, address, PPS number, date of birth, grade, marital status, appointment, phone and home contact etc.Recruitment database for external competition.Database for handling Freedom of Information, Access to Information on the Environment Regulations.Request containing name and addresses of participants of the records being requested. Development application, appeal, compulsory land acquisition and other procedures under the Planning and Development Acts, Water Pollutions Acts, and Building Control Acts,- name and address of applicant/appellant/referrer/landowner/developer/ observer/objector and agents acting for the foregoing
Disclosees: Revenue Commissioners; various bodies in relation to voluntary deductions.Application/appeal processing - planning authorities/licensing authorities, participants in the range of cases processed by the Board as per various enactments listed above and as per statutory requirements under those enactments.Documents relating to an appeal or other matter with which the Board is concerned are made available at the offices of the Board for inspection by the members of the public again as per statutory requirements under those Acts.Information is also provided under the Freedom of Information Acts, and the Access to Information on the Environment Regulations
Transfers Abroad: No