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Data Protection Commissioner

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The following is the current list of registrations held by the Office of the Data Protection Commissioner
(Last update: 16/08/2017)
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Ref No: Reg Type Company Name:
15191/A DC The Psychological Consulting Clinic Limited T/A The Consulting Clinic'
0719/A DC+DP The Public Appointments Service
2860/A DC The Refugee Applications Commissioner
16820/A DC The Rehab Group
10323/A DP The Research Perspective Ltd
5403/A DC The Rise Pharmacy Ltd ( Mary & John Ryan)
10648/A DC The Rosses Credit Union LTD
12192/A DC The Rye Pharmacy Limited
2179/A DC The Sheehan Medical Practice
16734/A DP The Software Vineyard Holding Company Limited T/A MoneyMate Ltd, Accudelta, Longboat Analytics and Silverfinch
13475/A DC The Speech and Language Centre
0603/A DC The State Laboratory
12365/A DC The Strand Pharmacy Ltd
10755/A DC The Surgery : Dr. Darach Brennan, Dr. Paul Walsh, Dr. Mairead Brennan, Dr. Annaliese O Sullivan
5501/A DC The Sustainable Energy Authority of Ireland
8664/A DC The Teaching Council
13608/A DC The Tribunal of Inquiry (into certain Planning matters & Payments)
9500/A DC The Valley Pharmacy Limited
14337/A DC The Village Pharmacy Ltd t/a Phelans Pharmacy
10235/A DC The Village Pharmacy T/A Cote Pharmacy Ltd
13246/A DC The Windmill Medical Centre
14218/A DC Therapy Team Limited
14237/A DP Theresa Grace
12059/A DC Therese Begley Luke. Homecare and Healthcare Ltd.
11744/A DP Therese Doherty
12950/A DC Thomas & Lucy Boland
14804/A DP Thomas Byrne
13765/A DC thomas corkery
13738/A DP Thomas Hayes
10295/A DC Thomas Houlihan and Dr Steve Karagiannis Medical Care & Advice
10799/A DC Thomas J. O'Reilly / Mark Laher
13361/A DP Thomas Mac Namee
12122/A DC Thomas Murran
16959/A DP Thomas Quirke
17210/A DP Thomas Russell Trading as Think Evolve Solve
16627/A DP Thomas Shannon
2003/A DC Thomastown Credit Union Ltd
14158/A DC Thomastown Pharmacy Limited, T/a Kissanes Pharmacy
5150/A DC Thom's Pharmacy Ltd
17270/A DC Thoracic Specialists Group - Karen Redmond & Ms Donna Eaton
11945/A DC Thornhill's Pharmacy Ltd
8898/A DP Thornton Group.
8128/A DC Three Ireland (Hutchison) Limited
4528/A DC+DP Three Ireland Services (Hutchison) Limited
13341/A DC Three Rock Capital Management Limited
15172/A DC Three Steps
0109/A DC Thurles Credit Union Ltd
0344/A DC+DP TICo Group Ltd t/a TICo Mail Works
13648/A DC Tiernan O'Brien
2403/A DC Tievebaun Ltd., T/A McSharrys Pharmacy
15020/A DC Tim Buckley, Niamh Walsh, Fionnuala Cleary
13095/A DP Tim Ryan
9887/A DC Timothy O'Flanagan
2305/A DC Tinline Trading LTD
14216/A DP Tipperary Centre for Independent Living Ltd.
0372/A DC+DP Tipperary County Council
0659/A DC Tipperary Credit Union Ltd
14168/A DC Tipperary Education and Training Board
16848/A DC Tir Chonaill Pharmacy Ltd
11347/A DP Titan Technology Solutions Limited
12984/A DC TLC-Doc Co-Operative Society Limited
14982/A DP TMF Administration Services Limited
12206/A DC TMMS Ltd
11011/A DC Tobacco Free Research Intitute Ireland
4428/A DC Tobins Medical Hall Ltd
10458/A DC Tokio Marine Global Re Limited
14905/A DC Tolka Area Partnership
14116/A DP Tom Aspel
17358/A DP Tom Coakley t/a Barrow Coakley Photography Limited
17018/A DP Tom Corr T/A Corr
14574/A DP Tom Costelloe
16757/A DP Tom Doolan t/a Medi - Aid Limited
11133/A DC Tom Feeney
5479/A DC Tom Ginnety Pharmacies Ltd
0056/A DC Tom Holly
15557/A DC Tom Houlihan
14389/A DP Tom Hutchinson
12524/A DP Tom Maher t/a MC Print Source
13306/A DP Tom McGlynn
5953/A DC Tom Murray Pharmacy Ltd.
13037/A DP Tom O Rourke
16994/A DP Tom OBrien Consulting Engineer Ltd
13230/A DC Tom Rodgers
12567/A DC Tom Ryan
2424/A DC Tom Treacy Chemist (Ballinrobe) Ltd
8125/A DP Tom Whelan
15535/A DP Tommy Sheehan
16287/A DP Tony Croke
16828/A DP Tony Hackett
17092/A DP Tony Hansberry Windscreens Limited
10967/A DP Tony Kelly and Pat Slane
13073/A DP Tony O' Reilly
6769/A DC Tony O'Brien's Pharmacy Ltd.
16692/A DP Tony O'Keeffe, Pat O'Connell, Tony O'Keeffe & Partners, Tony O'Keeffe & Partners Ltd, Tony O'Keeffe & Company Ltd
13186/A DP Tony Robinson
13430/A DP Tony Treacy
14970/A DC Tony Walsh (Rathfarnham) Limited T/A Tony Walsh Allcare Pharmacy
6692/A DC Tooles Pharmacy Ltd
14658/A DP Tordilon Limited

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