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Data Protection Commissioner

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The following is the current list of registrations held by the Office of the Data Protection Commissioner
(Last update: 22/03/2018)
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Ref No: Reg Type Company Name:
10153/A DC Rapid Broadband Ltd
17637/A DC Ras Medical Group Limited T/A Auralia
12645/A DC Rathúla Limited
2715/A DC Rathangan & District Credit Union Ltd
0095/A DC Rathfarnham & District Credit Union LTD
10302/A DC Rathfarnham Dental Practice
11130/A DC Rathfarnham Orthodontics
17657/A DC Rathford Medical
0094/A DC Rathkeale & District Credit Union
1875/A DC Rathmore and District Credit Union Limited
8728/A DC Rathmore Surgery
12134/A DC Rathmullen Pharmacy
4483/A DC Ratoath Pharmacy Ltd
13957/A DC Ratoath Physiotherapy
9714/A DC Rattoo Surgery
11751/A DC Ray McLaughlin
7382/A DC Ray Walsh Pharmacy Ltd.
13974/A DP Raytoon Limited T/A Caremark (Dublin North)
16138/A DP RB Legal Services Limited
2892/A DC RBC Investor Services Bank S.A. (Dublin Branch)
3000/A DC RBC Investor Services Ireland Limited
17393/A DC RCI Banque Socitie Anonmye,
2809/A DP RCI Call Centre (Ireland) Limited
15607/A DC RDS Health Ltd t/a Shankill Pharmacy
17242/A DC Real Estate Loan Management Limited
13574/A DP Real World Analytics
14879/A DC Reckitt's ( Ireland) Pension Fund Trustees Limited
15778/A DP Record Storage Services Ltd
11036/A DC Recoup Limited t/a Recoup Collections
12094/A DP Recruitsafe Limited
9091/A DC+DP Red C Research & Marketing LTD
12549/A DC Red Door Pharmacy Ltd Trading as Ardee Pharmacy
16103/A DP Red Flare Limited
12329/A DC+DP Red Hat Ltd
17594/A DP Red Pen Elearning Solutions Limited
17749/A DP Red Rose CPS Ltd Trading as Red Rose
17213/A DC RediCare Limited
14017/A DC Redmond Lyne Medical Services Ltd
8136/A DC Reen's Pharmacy Rathmore Ltd
17290/A DP Regan Stein Limited t/a Regan Stein
16097/A DC Regina Murphy
11948/A DC Regional Pathology Laboratory Consultants
0979/A DC Regional Pharmacy Ltd
16255/A DP Regus CME Ireland Ltd
15772/A DP Rehab Enterprises Ltd T/A Rehab Recycle
5882/A DC Rehabcare
11785/A DC Rehan Gul
1045/A DC Reidy's Pharmacy Ltd
10215/A DC Reildon Developers LTD t/a Gormleys Pharmacy
4580/A DC Reilly's Pharmacy Clondalkin Ltd
13561/A DC Reillys Pharmacy Thomas St Ltd
14037/A DC Reiltin Treacy
15746/A DP Relate Care Holdings T/A Relate Care
10191/A DC Remap Ventures Ltd. T/a Tullys Pharmacy Raheny
14347/A DC Rena Buckley Chartered Physotherapy Clinic
17378/A DP Renew Health Limited
13670/A DC Renmore Dental
0987/A DC Research Foundation
17129/A DC Residential Institutions Redress Board
16701/A DC Residential Institutions Statutory Fund
15255/A DC Residential Utility Management Ltd t/a Property Button
15678/A DC Resilience Healthcare Ltd (Resilience Care)
17403/A DP Resource Employee Relations Ltd
17399/A DP ResourceKraft Ltd. t/a ResourceKraft Ltd
16055/A DC Restored Hearing Ltd.
14563/A DP Reveal Data Corporation Limited,
10217/A DC RGA International Reinsurance Company dac
1130/A DC Rhyannon Ltd (Pharmacy)
0820/A DC Rialto Credit Union Ltd
4221/A DC Rialto Medical Centre, Dr F D O'Kelly & Dr S O Kelly, Dr M O' Kelly
15077/A DC Richard Cavaliero
13121/A DP Richard Chapman
13235/A DC Richard Cleary
17010/A DC Richard Egan
17645/A DP Richard Halpin
11277/A DC Richard Hannon
11521/A DP Richard Harvey
11650/A DP Richard Mc Carthy (sole trader)
17550/A DP Richard McEvoy
15826/A DP Richard O' Sullivan, Declan Murphy & Catherine Guy OSM Partners
17567/A DP Richard Tarrant
16933/A DC Rickard Mills Limited
14686/A DC Rickie Doherty T/A
17551/A DP Ricky Burke
12757/A DP Ricoh Ireland Ltd
10231/A DP Rigney Dolphin LTD t/a Rigney Dolphin Group
10968/A DC Ripple Communications Ltd
16142/A DC Risali DAC
12462/A DP Rita Burtenshaw
3027/A DC Rita O' Dowd, Clare Canton, killian Power, Laura Kirwin, Audrey Hickey
17025/A DP RiteView Solutions Ltd T/A RiteView Solutions Ltd
15821/A DC River Medical
0434/A DC Riverforest Pharmacy Ltd
14751/A DC Riverpoint Specialist Dental Clinic, Dr. Emily Clarke, Dr. Padraig McAuliffe, Dr. Conor Durack
1688/A DC Riverside Medical Centre; Dr''s Edel Mc Ginnity & Angela Shortall
10644/A DC RK Healthcare Ltd T/A Ballycasey Pharmacy
13465/A DP RLR Consultancy Limited
10954/A DC Road Safety Authority
14061/A DC Robert Gaffney

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