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Data Protection Commissioner

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The following is the current list of registrations held by the Office of the Data Protection Commissioner
(Last update: 11/10/2017)
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Ref No: Reg Type Company Name:
0747/A DC Sean Conway Ltd
8514/A DC Sean Finbarr Dinneen
11561/A DP Sean Fleming
16293/A DC Sean Foley
15089/A DP Sean Gaine
13294/A DP Sean Gillen
10386/A DC Sean Gilroy T/A Dr Sean Gilroy
17268/A DP Sean Hartery
1199/A DC Sean Hillery (Pharmacists) Ltd
14476/A DP Sean Leahy
10784/A DC Sean Moffatt, Thomas Moffatt, Maura Irwin t/a Ballina Medical Centre
16827/A DP Sean O' Malley
13496/A DC Sean P O Luasa
11374/A DP Sean Ryan
16052/A DP Sean Whelan and Jason Dowling,T/A Whelan Dowling and Associates
10485/A DC Seapoint Clinic
2077/A DC SEB Life International Assurance Company DAC,
3057/A DC Secondary Education Committee
13616/A DC Secured Property Loans Limited
16240/A DP Sedicii Innovations Limited T/A Sedicii
10459/A DP Seefin Data Management Limited
15335/A DP Seetec Employment and Skills Ireland Limited
6639/A DC+DP SEI Investments - Depositary and Custodial Services (Ireland) Limited
4406/A DC+DP SEI Investments - Global Fund Services Limited
17090/A DC SEJA LMITED (Trading as Collins Pharmacy)
10739/A DC Sella Life Ltd
1038/A DC Sellmane Ltd
14533/A DP Seniors Money Ireland Limited
14532/A DC Seniors Money Mortgages (Ireland) Limited
7471/A DP Sentenial Ltd
8774/A DP Sentient Solutions Ltd
16155/A DP Sentrio Technologies Limited t/a Oneposting
11266/A DP Sentry Consulting Ltd t/a Datascan
14064/A DC Seraphina Mortgages Limited
17119/A DP SerraNova Ltd
6309/A DC Sertus Underwriting Ltd.
15176/A DC Setanta Asset Management Ltd
17164/A DP Severine McAllister t/a Smc - investigations
16371/A DP SFDC Ireland Ltd
13772/A DP SG Liability Ltd T/A Sproule Graham Partnership
17460/A DC SGI Medical LTD
11126/A DP SGS Ireland Ltd
11762/A DC Shahzad Tariq Mahmood CHEEMA
2740/A DC+DP Shanahan Direct Marketing
0273/A DC Shanahans Pharmacy
11006/A DC Shanakiel Clinic
8625/A DC Shandon Medical Clinic
11153/A DC Shane Barnes
17355/A DP Shane Corrigan
14947/A DC Shane Hurley
9440/A DC Shane O' Neill + Valerie Scully
15682/A DC Shane O'Donnell
14861/A DP Shane Russell
15959/A DC Shankill Family Practice, Marry Joseph, Irwin Patrick
14949/A DC Shannagh Bay healthcare Ltd
1340/A DC Shannon Credit Union Ltd
12179/A DC Shannon Medical Centre Limited
5566/A DC Shannondoc
11994/A DC Shanpharm
10189/A DP Shared Access
14016/A DC Sharewatch Ltd t/a
2296/A DC Sheahan's Pharmacy Ltd
13459/A DC Sheehan Tempany Medical
15928/A DC Sheehan Tynan Opticians T/A Geradine Sheehan Opticians
2476/A DC Sheephaven Credit Union Ltd
16504/A DC+DP Sheila Woods
8895/A DC Shelbourne Dental Clinic. (Dr. Mark Kelly & Dr Karl Cassidy)
17134/A DC Shellito Ltd T/A Focal Point Opticians
12251/A DC Shercock Credit Union Ltd
14738/A DP Shine Analytics Ltd
2608/A DC Shines Pharmacy
14835/A DC Shines Pharmacy Ltd
14092/A DC Shirley Foley
8066/A DC Shona Leydon
0779/A DC Shopmore Ltd., (Kelly's Pharmacy)
4962/A DC Shopping Centre Pharmacy Ltd
14495/A DC Shoreline Residential Limited
16973/A DP Shred - it ROI LTD
17282/A DP Siemens Healthcare Medical Solutions Ltd
11101/A DP Siemens LTD
11164/A DC Sigmoid Pharma Limited
15809/A DC Signature Trustee Services Ltd
7197/A DP Silverarm Solutions Ltd
12817/A DC+DP SilverCloud Health Ltd
13961/A DC Simon Coghlan & Lorraine Carroll T/A Mount Merrion Physiotherapy
17019/A DC Simon Langran
11749/A DC Simon Wolstencroft
12484/A DC Sinclaire Chem T/a Granard Pharmacy
13485/A DC Sinclaire Clinic Ltd t/a Bellview Pharmacy
17292/A DC Sinclaire Dispensary Ltd T/A Arvagh Pharmacy
14249/A DC Sinead Curran
13571/A DC Sinead McNamara
10321/A DC Sinead Murphy T/A Galway Bay Medical Centre
13899/A DC Sinead Roche
4737/A DC Siobhán P. Kelly
16714/A DC Siro Limited
15664/A DP SJM Cardiovascular Ireland Limited
12074/A DC SK Healthcare Ltd t/a Kelly's Pharmacy
0147/A DC Skehard Pharmacy Limited
7116/A DC Skibbereen Medical Centre (Dr Mary O' Neill, Dr Helen Quirke, Dr Don Creagh, Dr Ger Shaghnessy)

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