Data Protection Commissioner
Data Protection Commissioner

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The following is the current list of registrations held by the Office of the Data Protection Commissioner
(Last update: 05/02/2016)
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Ref No: Reg Type Company Name:
14580/A DC Mr Brian Barry
15380/A DC Mr Brian J Mehigan
14652/A DP Mr Brian Meehan
12269/A DP Mr Charles O'Neill
11389/A DP Mr Christy Kenny
1039/A DC Mr Christy McLoughlin
10802/A DC Mr Ciarán McDonnell
1106/A DC Mr Ciaran Conway MPSI
14729/A DP Mr Ciaran Morris
13373/A DP Mr Clinton Doherty
1245/A DC Mr Conan J Burke MPSI
12737/A DC Mr Conor Hurson
13666/A DC Mr Conor Meehan
11927/A DC Mr Conor Shields
15911/A DC Mr Daniel Lewis
1811/A DC Mr David A Lohan
0964/A DC+DP Mr David Darmody
12738/A DC Mr David Galvin
11258/A DC Mr David Mulcahy
4201/A DP Mr David Neiland
11381/A DP Mr David O'Neill
12719/A DC Mr David Patrick Moore
11379/A DP Mr Denis Dowling
10914/A DP Mr Denis O'Connell Kehoe
11323/A DC Mr Derek Fehily MPSI
15785/A DC Mr Dhafir Alazawi for the GBS Clinic
12889/A DC Mr Diarmuid Molony
11929/A DC Mr Diarmuid Smith
11326/A DC Mr Don Keogh
15802/A DC Mr Donal Maguire
15494/A DC Mr Eddie Myers For Dr Eddie Myers Unlimited
13695/A DP Mr Eoin Kelliher
15927/A DP Mr Eugene Towey
12711/A DC Mr Ezzat Tadros
11848/A DC Mr Fergal Quinn
15185/A DP Mr Frank Tuohy
15395/A DC Mr Fuan Chiang Chan
4204/A DP Mr Garry Manning
11838/A DC Mr Gary O'Toole
13136/A DP Mr Gavin Bruce
14141/A DP Mr Geoff Morton
14370/A DP Mr Gerard Loftus
1055/A DC Mr Gerard Lynch MPSI
1978/A DC Mr Gerard Mc Carthy
14470/A DP Mr Gerard O' Regan
4163/A DP Mr Gerry Coen
14896/A DP Mr Gerry Tiernan
0833/A DC Mr Giles Barrett MPSI
11855/A DC Mr Glen Doherty
11140/A DC Mr Gordon Booth ,Dental Surgeon
15587/A DC Mr Gordon P Smyth
15340/A DC Mr Greg Fulton
12267/A DP Mr Hugh Seery
15498/A DC Mr Ian Flitcroft
4197/A DP Mr Ian Kelly
15615/A DC Mr Ivor Manus Cullen
12143/A DC Mr J. Cliff Beirne
11384/A DP Mr Jack McNamara
12638/A DC Mr James Cowley
4198/A DP Mr James Hennebry
15448/A DC Mr James M O'Riordan
13169/A DP Mr James Morey
15932/A DC Mr James Oliver Murphy
10918/A DP Mr James Somers
15646/A DC Mr James Walsh
1300/A DC Mr Jerry O'Connor MPSI
11806/A DC Mr John Bates
12437/A DC Mr John Burke
0335/A DC Mr John Finnegan MPSI
12742/A DC Mr John Gillick
4146/A DP Mr John Hartley
4168/A DP Mr John Heys
1030/A DC+DP Mr John M Nee
11859/A DC Mr John McElwain
0672/A DC Mr John O'Donnell MPSI
13390/A DP Mr John P Feeney
11375/A DP Mr John Prendergast
15983/A DP Mr John Redmond
1807/A DC Mr Joseph Gerard O'Beirne
15920/A DC Mr Jurgen Mulsow
12022/A DC Mr Keith Synnott
4515/A DP Mr Kevin Barry
11300/A DC Mr Kevin Mulhall
2199/A DC Mr Kevin O' Malley/Mr Gerry Mc Entee
0796/A DC Mr Kevin O'Gorman MPSI/ Geraldine O' Gorman MPSI
15484/A DC Mr Kieran J O'Driscoll
15511/A DC Mr Kieran O'Shea
1448/A DC Mr Liam O" Daly, Director General
4454/A DC Mr Luke Baxter Ltd
11302/A DC Mr Marcus Timlin
13733/A DP Mr Mark A. Nangle
12361/A DC Mr Mark Dolan
12337/A DC Mr Mark Jackson MK ORTHO Ltd
15738/A DC Mr Mark L Da Costa
13042/A DP Mr Mark Loughney
15477/A DC Mr Martin J O'Sullivan
4853/A DC Mr Martin K O'Donohoe
14622/A DP Mr Martin O' Shea
12275/A DP Mr Martin Shearman
11941/A DC Mr Maurice Neligan

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