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Data Protection Commissioner

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The following is the current list of registrations held by the Office of the Data Protection Commissioner
(Last update: 16/08/2017)
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Ref No: Reg Type Company Name:
14435/A DP Margaret Forest
14507/A DC Margaret Tuite
1344/A DC Margot Barnes T/A Occupational Therapy Consultants
13481/A DC Marguerite Barr
10052/A DC Mari Caulfield Speech and Language Therapy
13560/A DC Maria Cashman
16025/A DC Marian carton
15152/A DC Marian Cottrell
16762/A DP Marian Horgan
5901/A DC Marie Burns (Kilrush) Ltd t/a Central Pharmacy
4557/A DC Marie Fitzpatrick
12229/A DP Marie Kerins
14466/A DP Marie McCarthy
8946/A DC Marina Point Pharmacy Ltd T/A Holly's Pharmacy.
12802/A DC Marine Institute
2004/A DC Marino Credit Union
2478/A DC Marino Pharmacy Ltd t/a Costello's Pharmacy
10384/A DC Marion Houston / Muiris Houston
14462/A DP Marion Walsh
15073/A DP Mark Coleman T/A Clear Direction Sales & Marketing Solutions Ltd
16317/A DP Mark Connors
9923/A DC Mark Dunne T/A Networks & Wireless
15938/A DC Mark Gormley
12991/A DC Mark Hearty
16556/A DP Mark Kiely
14369/A DP Mark Lane
13162/A DP Mark Lankester
17232/A DP Mark Lynn Don Lynn trading as Lynn Motors
13026/A DP Mark Mulcahy
16732/A DP Mark Wright T/A Webfactory
14871/A DC+DP Markel International Insurance Company Limited t/a Markel International Ireland
10398/A DC Market Point Pharmacy
15143/A DP Marketing Network Limited
16489/A DC+DP Marketing Partners
12355/A DP Marketo EMEA Ltd
7155/A DC Markievicz Pharmacy
16531/A DC Marlborough Finance No. 1 DAC
16532/A DC Marlborough Finance No. 2 DAC
16995/A DC Marlborough Finance No. 5 DAC
16996/A DC Marlborough Finance No. 6 DAC
16982/A DC Marlborough Finance No.3 DAC
16983/A DC Marlborough Finance No.4 DAC
2543/A DC Marleway Ltd
17067/A DC+DP Marley Healthcare Ltd trading as Dempsey's Allcare Pharmacy
15747/A DP Mars Capital Finance Ireland Limited T/A Mars Capital
14491/A DC Mars Capital Ireland Designated Activity Company
17065/A DC Mars Capital Ireland Holdings DAC
15091/A DC Mars Capital Ireland No 3 DAC
15092/A DC Mars Capital Ireland No 4 Designated Activity Company
15271/A DC Mars Capital Ireland No.2 Designated Activity Company
12127/A DC Marsh Employee Benefits Ltd
4964/A DC+DP Marsh Ltd T/a Marsh Ireland
5753/A DP Marsh Management Services (Dublin) Ltd
16711/A DC Marshall Wace Ireland Limited
16636/A DP Martha Fanning, T/A Martha Fanning Research
12168/A DC+DP Martin A. Harvey
4072/A DC Martin Caldwell
15877/A DC Martin Crowe
13179/A DP Martin Crowley
16882/A DP Martin Fallon
16319/A DP Martin Fitzmaurice
13445/A DP Martin Fitzmaurice
13424/A DC Martin Garvey
8114/A DP Martin Hillery
17051/A DP Martin Leneghan
14365/A DP Martin Mannion
13074/A DP Martin Spillane
13998/A DC Martina Cloonan
4621/A DC Martina Geraghty Pharmacy Ltd
4906/A DC Martina Lynch Ltd
7704/A DC Martinsurance Designated Activity Company (DAC)
16659/A DC Marty Stokes T/A Stokes Dental
11991/A DC Mary Bresnihan
14050/A DC Mary Byrne
7610/A DC Mary Comber T/A Mary Shinnick M.P.S.I.
10493/A DC Mary Early Ltd t/a Haven Pharmacy Lannens
13938/A DC Mary Hennigan
15878/A DC Mary Keating
14165/A DC Mary Mulvany
10069/A DC Mary O' Connell Ltd
2725/A DC Mary Sheehan MPSI
15679/A DC Mary Stokes
14212/A DC Mary Street Pharmacy Limited
4630/A DC Mary T O' Brien & Patrick J O' Brien
1455/A DC Marymount University Hospital & Hospice Ltd
10364/A DP massey and king ltd
12117/A DC Mater GI Group / Dublin Gastroenterology Group
0310/A DC+DP Mater Misericordiae University Hospital
11928/A DC Mater Private Anaesthesia Group
0764/A DC Mater Private Hospital Ltd
16228/A DC Mater Private Radiologists Group
15181/A DC Mater Radiologists Group
16368/A DP Matrix Claims Services ltd
17259/A DP Matrix Recruitment Ltd
0570/A DC Matt Murphy Pharmacy & Jewellery Ltd
16067/A DP Matthew O'Brien
17097/A DP Matthew Rogers

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