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Data Protection Commissioner

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The following is the current list of registrations held by the Office of the Data Protection Commissioner
(Last update: 11/10/2017)
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Ref No: Reg Type Company Name:
7611/A DC John Rice Medicolegal LTD
17007/A DC John Scurr
14593/A DP John Seymour
15545/A DP John Sheehan
8123/A DP John Small
17052/A DP John Somers
16349/A DP John Stack t/a JP Stack Enquiries
15903/A DC John Stokes Waterford Eye Specialists
8751/A DC John Sullivan
14433/A DP John Tatlan
13046/A DP John Twomey
14267/A DP John Walshe
17373/A DP John Ward
14008/A DP Johnson & Perrot Ltd
11464/A DC Johnson Pharmacy
0732/A DC Johnsons Pharmacy
12791/A DC Johnstons Express Pharmacy
11602/A DC Johnstons Pharmacy
2235/A DC Johnstown Medical Centre
2548/A DC Joloba Ltd t/a Barrys CarePlus Pharmacy
11767/A DP Jomel Ltd
12962/A DC Joseph & Shaena Kelly t/a Dr Joe Kelly and associates Podiatry
10065/A DC Joseph B. Fahy
0285/A DP Joseph G Byrne & Sons Consulting Actuaries Lts
16721/A DC Joseph G. Byrne & Sons Pension Trustees Limited T/A Byrne Pension Trustees
17480/A DP Joseph Gavigan
15270/A DP Joseph Maher
11792/A DC Joseph Sparkes
13981/A DC Josephine Fagan
13249/A DC Josephine Griffin
13305/A DP Josephine Mc Grath
16226/A DP Josie Forde
7191/A DC JPA Pharmacy Ltd - Joan Bourke
6958/A DC+DP JPMorgan Hedge Fund Services (Ireland) Ltd
13860/A DC JT Physiotherapy Ltd.,
15888/A DC Juldar Ltd, t/a Molloys Lifestyle Pharmacy
13339/A DP jump Marketing Limited t/a jump
13661/A DP Just Perfect IT Ltd
15708/A DP Justin McCarthy Future GRC
14510/A DP JV Facility Limited
12398/A DP K. Bell DKTS Ltd
12061/A DP K.V. Arthur & Associates Ltd
8021/A DC Kacare Pharmacy Limited T/A Finnstown Pharmacy
4572/A DC Kaduna Co Ltd
15752/A DP Kainos Software Ireland
10959/A DC Kames Capital Investment Company (Ireland) plc
15074/A DP KANA Software Ireland Limited
0635/A DC Kanturk Credit Union Ltd
0326/A DC Kara's Medical Hall t/a Bawnogue Life Pharmacy
4014/A DC KARE Promoting Inclusion for People with Intellectual DisabilitiesPeople
12842/A DP KARE Social Service and Citizens Information Service
14242/A DC Karen McGrath
14335/A DC Kathleen Devine
16606/A DC kathryn Reynolds
16698/A DC Katundri Limited trading as Keane's CarePlus Pharmacy
13802/A DP Kavanagh Forensics Limited
15351/A DP Kavanagh Recycling and Recovery Limited
13893/A DC Kavanagh, Kathy
0871/A DC Kavanagh's Pharmacy T/A Haven Pharmacy Kavanaghs
14448/A DP Kaym O' Sullivan
0401/A DC+DP KBC Bank Ireland Plc
11156/A DC+DP KBC Fund Management Limited
10172/A DC KBI Global Investors (North America) Limited
4376/A DC+DP KBI Global Investors Ltd
16546/A DP KDCR (Ireland) Ltd
9991/A DC Keady's Pharmacy
14054/A DP Kearys of Cork
15245/A DP Keating Claims Adjusters Ltd
2706/A DC Keatings Pharmacy T/A Cleaboy Pharmacy Ltd
10114/A DP Kefron Group Limited T/A Kefron Consulting, Kefron Digital, Kefron Filestores,Kefron Moving & Storage
15239/A DC Keiran Paul Brown
13801/A DP Keith Lonsdale and Gary Allison T?A Berrymans Lace Mawer
16054/A DP Keith Morgan
15242/A DP Keith Winters
10049/A DC Kellman Pharmacies LTD t/a Kellys Pharmacy
13425/A DC Kelly Gray Medical Limited
17219/A DC+DP Kelly Group Medical Limited
10313/A DC Kelly Henry Partnership , Dr. Mary Winifred Kelly Henry, Dr. Gregory Kelly, Dr. Madeleine Ni Dhalaigh and Dr. Michael Henry.
15887/A DC Kelly Optometry Ltd
7279/A DC Ken F. Heritage B.D.S.
8633/A DC Kencon Pharmacy Ltd T/A Reilly's Pharmacy
13675/A DC Kenlis Pharmacy Ltd
10851/A DC Kenmare Pharmacy Ltd t/a Mc Sweeney Pharmacy
15837/A DC Kenmare Property Finance Limited
15957/A DC Kenneally Opticians Ltd
17117/A DP Kennedy & Associates
12298/A DP Kennedy Wilson Europe Limited
12103/A DC Kennedy's Pharmacy Limited
6752/A DC Kennellys Pharmacy (Haven)
11962/A DC Kennellys Pharmacy @ The Reeks
16891/A DP Kenneth McDonnell
7172/A DC Kenneth O'Donnell
13858/A DC Kenneth Rogers
14069/A DP Kenneth Soper
10413/A DC Kenny, Paul
13030/A DC Kenroku Health Limited t/a Sheridan's Pharmacy

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