Data Protection Commissioner
Data Protection Commissioner

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The following is the current list of registrations held by the Office of the Data Protection Commissioner
(Last update: 06/12/2017)
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Ref No: Reg Type Company Name:
11278/A DC Invesco Trustees Limited
14095/A DC Investec Bank plc (Irish Branch)
14195/A DC Investec Capital & Investments (Ireland) Limited
14096/A DP Investec Ireland Ltd
15905/A DC Invoice Fair Ltd
2904/A DC Ionad Leighis an Daingin
0199/A DC IPB Insurance CLG t/as IPB Insurance
17572/A DP Ipes Investor Services (Ireland) Limited
14263/A DP Ipone Ltd
4806/A DC IPOS Retail 18 Limited
5395/A DC IPOS Retail 21 Ltd t/a ODC Chemist
7633/A DC IPOS Retail 84 Limited T/A Goresbridge Allcare Pharmacy
14865/A DP Ipsos Ltd
14784/A DC IptiQ Life
10431/A DC+DP Ireland Assist Limited
8543/A DC+DP Irish Association of Community Training Organisations Ltd (IACTO)
8781/A DC Irish Auditing and Accounting Supervisory Authority ("IAASA")
0195/A DC+DP Irish Bank Resolution Corporation Limited (In special liquidation)
0560/A DC+DP Irish Blood Transfusion Service
7798/A DC Irish Broadband Internet Services Limited
13275/A DP Irish Cancer Society
15155/A DP Irish Cattle Breeding Federation Ltd
2117/A DC Irish Co-Operative Organisation Society Limited
10144/A DC+DP Irish Council for Overseas Students
1989/A DC Irish Creamery Milk Suppliers Association
0367/A DC+DP Irish Credit Bureau D.A.C
16944/A DP Irish Domains Ltd
1212/A DC Irish Family Planning Association
17295/A DP Irish Farm Computers Ltd Trading as Agrinet
1067/A DC Irish Health Care
12493/A DP Irish League of Credit Unions
0381/A DC+DP Irish Life Assurance Plc
12446/A DC+DP Irish Life Financial Services Limited
14617/A DP Irish Life Group Services Limited
7643/A DC+DP Irish Life Health dac
2946/A DC+DP Irish Life Investment Managers Ltd
6706/A DC Irish Life Trustee Services Limited
1431/A DC Irish Museum of Modern Art
0730/A DC Irish National Petroleum Corporation Ltd
11617/A DC Irish Pensions Trust Limited
5609/A DC Irish Permanent Property Company Ltd
4214/A DC+DP Irish Progressive Services International Ltd.
9352/A DC Irish Sentencing Data System (ISDS) Pilot
17607/A DP Irish Stock Exchange Services Limited
1345/A DC Irish Sudden Infant Death Association
11826/A DC Irish Taxi Owners' Co-op Credit Union Ltd
4272/A DC Irish Water Safety (IWS)
7584/A DP Iron Mountain (Ireland) Limited
13774/A DP Iron Mountain Ireland Services Limited
12441/A DC Irsur DAC
1193/A DC Irwin Pharmacy Ltd t/a Adrian Dunne Pharmacy
12908/A DP Irwins Ltd
9592/A DC Isolda O'Connor
14308/A DP IT Solutions Ltd
17000/A DP ITRenew ITAD Ireland Limited
16847/A DC iTrust Ethics Ltd.
10409/A DC ITX Re dac
17269/A DP Ivan Long
13133/A DP Ivor Barrett
10524/A DC+DP J & E Davy Holdings & Subsidiaries
14155/A DC J & J Haire and Company Limited T/A Kissanes Pharmacy
2876/A DC J Carmichael Limited
15262/A DP J H Personal & Corporate Security Services
1248/A DC J Kirwan Ltd (Pharmacy)
2411/A DC J M Whelan & Sons Ltd
1105/A DC J Mc Manus Chemist Ltd
15136/A DC J O C Pharmacy (Galway) Ltd T/A O'Connell's Pharmacy
16594/A DC+DP J S Dobbs & Co Ltd
12923/A DC J&A RoyalMed, trade name: RoyalMed Health Centre
1414/A DC J&C Collins Pharmacy (Adare) LTD
4484/A DC J. O' Brien Pharmacy Ltd
7207/A DC J. O' Sullivan Pharmacy Ltd
4848/A DC+DP J. P. Morgan Administration Services (Ireland) Ltd.
4562/A DC J.F. Brogan Ltd
7935/A DC J.F. Brogan Ltd T/A Natural Options Pharmacy
0418/A DC+DP J.P. Morgan Bank (Ireland) Plc
13665/A DP j2 Global Ireland Limited
8292/A DC Jabez Ltd t/a Stacks Pharmacy
16441/A DP Jack O'Reilly
14138/A DC Jackie O'Mahony
13377/A DP Jacqueline O' Brien
16824/A DP Jacqueline Stephens T/a J.Stephens Consultants
13984/A DC James & Phyllis Dolan
0859/A DC James & Vincent Walsh Ltd(Pharmacy)
12841/A DC James and Catherine Allen
14734/A DP James Barry
13388/A DP James Bell
15944/A DP James Boyle
14458/A DP James Butler
14244/A DC James Cashman
16832/A DP James Collins
17206/A DP James Connolly
16262/A DC James Diskin Donna Kitt Corrib Physiotherapy
15642/A DP James Dunlop
14469/A DP James Hegarty
13075/A DP James J Tighe
14797/A DP James Kehoe

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