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Data Protection Commissioner

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The following is the current list of registrations held by the Office of the Data Protection Commissioner
(Last update: 14/03/2018)
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Ref No: Reg Type Company Name:
1987/A DC Ferbane & District Credit Union Ltd
16737/A DP Ferdia Community Development Co Ltd
14174/A DC Fergal Glynn
2155/A DC Fergal Leahy (Loughrea) Ltd
17100/A DC Fergal O'Dwyer Thom's Pharmacy and Opticians
17857/A DP Fergus Burke
15078/A DC Fergus Friel and Aimee McGahon Friel and McGahon Dental
14878/A DC Fergus J Gallagher
2868/A DC Fergusons Hearing Aid Clinic Ltd
10088/A DC Fermoy Medical Hall
7395/A DC Ferndale Pharmacy Ltd t/a Maddens Pharmacy
8792/A DC Ferrybank Pharmacy
14945/A DP FEXCO MBSO Unlimited Company
10222/A DP FEXCO Merchant Services (previously called FEXCO Dynamic Currency Conversion Limited)
1062/A DP FEXCO Unlimited Company
15350/A DC+DP FF Asset Company I Designated Activity Company
17099/A DC FF Asset Company II Designated Activity Company
17705/A DC FF Asset Company III Designated Activity Company
12785/A DC FGA Capital Re DAC
5852/A DC Fhanclair Ltd t/a Howard's Pharmacy
10669/A DC Fiach Financial Limited t/a Outsourced Credit Services + Advanced Debt Collection
15755/A DC Fics Holdings (One) Designated Activity Company
12565/A DP Fieldwork Future Ltd
17127/A DC Fifo Capital Ireland Limited
1192/A DC Figurate Ltd (Brady's Pharmacy)
13789/A DC+DP FIL Life Insurance (Ireland) Limited
13002/A DP Fimak Group Limited
15538/A DC+DP Finance Ireland Credit Solutions DAC trading as Finance Ireland Commercial Mortgages, Finance Ireland Leasing, Finance Ireland Agri
15636/A DC Finance Ireland Limited
13536/A DP Finance One Ltd
1257/B DC Financial Insurance Company Ltd
0725/B DC+DP Financial Shared Services (FSS) Dept of Justice
9627/A DC+DP Financial Techniques Limited
12389/A DP Financial Techniques Team Ltd
16468/A DP FINEOS Corporation
10247/A DC+DP Fines Enforcement ltd
0399/A DC Fingal County Council
0630/A DC Finglas Credit Union Ltd
4487/A DC Finglas Family Practice
12809/A DC Finn Dental Care
15703/A DC Finn Funding Investments Designated Activity Company (the "Company")
17876/A DC Finnabair Healthcare Ltd T/A Tipping's Neighbourhood Pharmacy
4642/A DC Finnegan's Pharmacy
14398/A DP Fintan Cahill
13894/A DC Fintan O'Donnell
17753/A DC Fiona Casey
14036/A DC Fiona Costello
17168/A DC Fiona Kavanagh
4285/A DC Fiona Rowland
15632/A DC+DP FIPLC (Ireland) Limited
13514/A DP Fire Financial Services Limited
1966/A DC Firhouse Credit Union
0810/A DC First Choice Credit Union Ltd
11987/A DC First Choice Pharmacy Ltd
13486/A DC First Citizen Finance DAC
17055/A DP First Employment Services Ltd t/a Employability Services Cork
10062/A DC First Merchant Processing (Ireland) DAC T/A AIB Merchant Services.
17222/A DP First Names Corporate Services (Ireland) Limited Trading as First Names Group
17086/A DP First Names Trust Company (Ireland) Limited
0122/A DC First South Credit Union
16260/A DC Fitbit International Limited
7199/A DC FitzGerald Brennan Assets Management Ltd.
15990/A DC Fitzgerald Plastic Surgery ltd
13934/A DP Fitzpatricks Garage Ltd
15742/A DC+DP Fitzwilliam Loan Management Limited
0365/A DC FJ & M Bourke LTD
8702/A DC FJ Grimes Chemist Ltd T/A Gormley Pharmacy
17539/A DC Flanagan's Pharmacy
8603/A DC Flare Healthcare Ltd t/a Carrick Pharmacy
1036/A DC Flatley Chemists Ltd
2434/A DC Flemings Pharmacy Ltd
17538/A DC Fleta Issuer Holdings DAC
13572/A DP Flight Centre Travel Group (Ireland ) Limited T/A FCM Travel Solutions
16340/A DP Flights Compensation Ltd
10816/A DC
17877/A DC Flynn Healthcare Ltd
9822/A DC Flynns Dental Care
13968/A DC FMcD Physio Therapy Ltd
16795/A DC+DP FMS Wertmanagement Service GmbH (trading in Ireland as FMS-WM Service Company)
7370/A DC Fogarty''s Chemist LimitedT/A Fogartys Life Pharmacy
11026/A DP Fonecover Ltd
2802/A DC Food Safety Authority of Ireland
17670/A DC Footprint Underwriting DAC
14171/A DP Forbidden City Limited Trading as
13992/A DC+DP Forensic Psychological Services Ltd
0825/A DC Forensic Science Ireland
4643/A DC Fortfield Pharmacy
7400/A DC Fortune's Chemist Ltd.
5143/A DC+DP Forward Emphasis International
8465/A DC+DP Fostering First Ireland
2394/A DC Foster's Pharmacy Ltd
15289/A DC Fox Dental Surgery
2308/A DC Foxford Pharmacy Ltd
12241/A DC Foyle Credit Union Limited t/a Credit Union
7911/A DC Foyle Dental Clinic t/a Wexford Dental Clinic
5383/A DC Foyleview Pharmacy Ltd
2306/A DC Foynes Pharmacy Ltd
16573/A DP Framework Computer Consultants T/A Digitary

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