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Data Protection Commissioner

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The following is the current list of registrations held by the Office of the Data Protection Commissioner
(Last update: 21/07/2016)
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15700/A DC Dr Francis J Kelly
10871/A DC Dr Francis Laurence Kenny & Dr Mary Scott
10821/A DC Dr Frank Fahey
2461/A DC Dr Frank Fogarty and Dr Paul Van Dessel
15288/A DC Dr Freda Guiney
15563/A DC Dr Fuan Chiang Chan
15519/A DC Dr Garret Cullen
1846/A DC Dr Garrett Igoe / Dr Derval Foyle / Dr Jillian Begley
2475/A DC Dr Gary Stack& Dr Fidelma Cronin
11889/A DC Dr Gavin Briggs
16168/A DC Dr Gehad EL Bastawisy
3079/A DC Dr George A FitzGerald
2231/A DC Dr George R Donald
11836/A DC Dr Gerald Mc Greal
10647/A DC Dr Geraldine Duggan t/a Dental Surgeon
4644/A DC Dr Geraldine Gaffney
2818/A DC Dr Gerard B Cummins
4386/A DC Dr Gerard Bury
16144/A DC Dr Gerard M Mullins
9389/A DC Dr Gerard O' Connell
10243/A DC Dr Gerry Molloy
2490/A DC Dr Gertrude Teresa Ronan
15969/A DC Dr Ghulam Mujtaba
15397/A DC Dr Gianluca Tamagno
9819/A DC Dr Gillian Boland Dr John Paul Donohoe, Dr Kenneth Cahill
12577/A DC Dr Gillian Byers
13437/A DC Dr Gillian Mc Cutcheon
12418/A DC Dr Gráinne Ní Ghairbhí
15342/A DC Dr Grace Donnelly
9435/A DC Dr Grace Hession, & Dr Aine Moran
12588/A DC Dr Grainne Clyne
15845/A DC Dr Grainne Mulcare
7680/A DC Dr Hakhamanesh Nikookam
6707/A DC Dr Harry Kelleher
15277/A DC Dr Hazel Fitzell, Dr Gobnait Griffin, Dr Bernadette Scully T/A Clonminch Medical Centre
10536/A DC Dr Heather McIntyre
15424/A DC Dr Heiko Kindler
15645/A DC Dr Helen Tuite
5363/A DC Dr Helena Moore
12667/A DC Dr Henry Frizelle-Farnogue
10463/A DC Dr Hossein Tabesh t/a Aungier Street Medical Centre
11398/A DC Dr Hugh Byrne
10268/A DC Dr Hugh Byrne and Dr J Jill Marshall
14329/A DC Dr Hugh Nohilly
16195/A DC Dr Ian John Dooley
16179/A DC Dr Ihsan Ullah
15965/A DC Dr Inam UI Haq Khan
15820/A DC Dr Inam UI Haq Khan
15419/A DC Dr Ion Cretu
11946/A DC Dr Irene Leonard
13493/A DC Dr Ita Mullaghy
13281/A DC Dr Ivan Gibbons
15392/A DC Dr Ivan P Casserly
14111/A DC Dr J Clarke
4792/A DC Dr J. Paul R. Stewart
12445/A DC Dr Jack Hollingsworth
13628/A DC Dr Jacques Lumbroso
4210/A DC Dr James D Molony
12955/A DC Dr James Devereux
9006/A DC Dr James Drynan
11895/A DC Dr James Gibney
13047/A DP Dr James Hamill
7709/A DC Dr James Noel O'' Regan/Dr.A.Jaber
10118/A DC Dr James O' Neill
9970/A DC+DP Dr James P McMorrow
2984/A DC Dr James Prendiville
8375/A DC Dr James Ryan
15651/A DC Dr Jamie Maguire
12416/A DC Dr Jane B Moloney
13619/A DC Dr Jane Bruton
11947/A DC Dr Jane Dorman
15374/A DC Dr Jane English
12977/A DC Dr Jane Leonard
15468/A DC Dr Jane McCarthy
11877/A DC Dr Janice Walshe
15516/A DC Dr Janusz Krawczyk
16190/A DC Dr Jean Marie- Therese Donnelly
15542/A DC Dr Jean O'Connell
12444/A DC Dr Jeanne Marie Nangle
15403/A DC Dr Jennifer Carroll
11892/A DC Dr Jennifer Westrup
11885/A DC Dr Jeremy Smith
12440/A DC Dr Jerome Coffey/Consultant Radiaton Oncologist
0922/A DC Dr Jerry Beckett Dr Ann Beckett
9982/A DC Dr Jerry Lucey & Dr Sheena Murphy
4797/A DC Dr Jim Fehily
7287/A DC Dr Jim Holden
9337/A DC Dr Jim Quinlan + Dr Aisling Quinlan + Dr Peter Kearney
9337/A DC Dr Jim Quinlan + Dr Aisling Quinlan + Dr Peter Kearney
13499/A DC Dr Joan Curtin
11857/A DC Dr Joanne Balfe
13637/A DC Dr Joe Durkan jnr
10098/A DC Dr John Bailey
10167/A DC Dr JOHN BANNON ( also at Health Centre Castletown Geoghan, Co Westmeath)
15543/A DC Dr John Barton
10481/A DC Dr John Bourke
10352/A DC Dr John Burbridge, Dr Karen Aylward, Dr Robert Scanlon,Dr Sinead Morgan Dr Cathal O Sullivan
13806/A DC Dr John Burke & Dr Catherine Vaughan: T/A Abbeytrinity Dental Practice & Abbeytrinity Dental Practice Ltd T/A Abbeytrinity Dental Laboratory
2858/A DC Dr John Clarke MD
10885/A DC Dr John conway

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