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The following is the current list of registrations held by the Office of the Data Protection Commissioner
(Last update: 25/02/2015)
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Ref No: Reg Type Company Name:
11892/A DC Dr Jennifer Westrup
11885/A DC Dr Jeremy Smith
12440/A DC Dr Jerome Coffey/Consultant Radiaton Oncologist
0922/A DC Dr Jerry Beckett
9982/A DC Dr Jerry Lucey & Dr Sheena Murphy
4797/A DC Dr Jim Fehily
7287/A DC Dr Jim Holden
9337/A DC Dr Jim Quinlan + Dr Aisling Quinlan + Dr Peter Kearney
9337/A DC Dr Jim Quinlan + Dr Aisling Quinlan + Dr Peter Kearney
7951/A DC Dr Jo Heffernan, Dr Miriam Callanan
13499/A DC Dr Joan Curtin
11857/A DC Dr Joanne Balfe
13637/A DC Dr Joe Durkan jnr
10481/A DC Dr John Bourke
2516/A DC Dr John Brangan, Dr Tom Finnegan, Dr. Peter O Keane and Dr Gerry O. Kelly
10352/A DC Dr John Burbridge, Dr Karen Aylward, Dr Robert Scanlon,Dr Sinead Morgan
13806/A DC Dr John Burke & Dr Catherine Vaughan: T/A Abbeytrinity Dental Practice & Abbeytrinity Dental Practice Ltd T/A Abbeytrinity Dental Laboratory
2858/A DC Dr John Clarke MD
10885/A DC Dr John conway
2185/A DC Dr John Cox
1889/A DC Dr John Cuddihy/Dr Bill Cuddihy/Dr Gobnatt Kearney
2192/A DC Dr John Curtin
0447/A DC Dr John Curtin FRCS
0918/A DC Dr John Delap
7820/A DC Dr John Dowling, Dr Jarlath Duffy
1307/A DC Dr John Enright G.P.
10469/A DC Dr John F McCarthy & Dr Elva Corkery
11896/A DC Dr John Faul
10956/A DC Dr John Francis Mc Carthy
14725/A DC Dr John Gibbons
9796/A DC Dr John Hogan Dental Surgeon
2948/A DC Dr John J O' Brien
15096/A DC Dr John J O'Connor
9738/A DC Dr John Keane
4988/A DC Dr John Keane
10870/A DC Dr John Kenny
11165/A DC Dr John Latham t/a Dr John Latham Practice
11854/A DC Dr John Loughrey
4526/A DC Dr John Mac Carthy
11873/A DC Dr John MacHale
11365/A DC Dr John Mc Brearty & Dr Elaine Joyce
9832/A DC Dr John mc Dermott
10863/A DC Dr John Mulroy
12615/A DC Dr John Murray
12658/A DC Dr John Murray
12905/A DC Dr John O'Brien
1848/A DC Dr John O'Connell, Jacqueline O"Connell
5226/A DC Dr John Owen Bourke
2140/A DC Dr John P Mc Mahon/Dr Shelia Casey/Dr Heather Mc Cullogh
0290/A DC Dr John Phelan
11903/A DC Dr John Quinlan
2964/A DC Dr John R Lennon MD
11905/A DC Dr John Ryan
10978/A DC Dr John Ryan
4790/A DC Dr John Shanahan, Dr Brian O' Donovan
1837/A DC Dr John Sheeran
2378/A DC Dr John Simon
12880/A DC+DP Dr John Tobin
11936/A DC Dr John Waterstone
7771/A DC Dr John White
14349/A DC Dr Johnny Walker
5584/A DC Dr Jonathan Jacob
12185/A DC Dr Joseph Fitzgerald
14345/A DC Dr Joseph Hennessy
2354/A DC Dr Joseph Martin/Dr Pauline King/Dr Michael Ó Tighnearnaigh
13267/A DC Dr Joseph P. O' Keeffe
13432/A DC Dr Josephine Leahy
7160/A DC Dr Josephine Mahon
8140/A DC Dr Joyce Hayward
2994/A DC Dr Judith Bugler
11901/A DC Dr Judith Connolly
13542/A DC Dr Judith Phelan
11894/A DC Dr Justin Lane
14290/A DC Dr Karl Schmidt
14535/A DC Dr Katarzyna Niezborala
10474/A DC Dr Kay Moran
11888/A DC Dr Kay O'Brien
2318/A DC Dr Kenneth Harris
3097/A DC Dr Kenneth Mealy
0748/A DC Dr Kenneth Olinger
11996/A DC Dr Kenneth Patterson
10033/A DC Dr Kevin Byrne
11753/A DC Dr Kevin Clarkson
7117/A DC Dr Kevin D. Quinn
7335/A DC Dr Kevin Delargy
9360/A DC Dr Kevin Fitzgerald Dr Delia Conlon
5731/A DC Dr Kevin O' Boyle & Dr Paul O' Reilly
4391/A DC Dr Kevin O' Flynn
5225/A DC Dr Kevin P Twomey
4304/A DC Dr Kevin Strong
11136/A DC Dr Kieran Bourke
11352/A DC Dr Kieran Hughes
1879/A DC Dr Kieran Joseph Gaine
1089/A DC Dr Kieran Murphy
7094/A DC Dr Kieran O' Shea
9179/A DC Dr Kieran Whyte
11448/A DC Dr Knut Moe
12697/A DC Dr Laura Henry-Fletcher
1404/A DC+DP Dr Laurence J O' Sullivan, Dr John Wall dr Enda Devitt
11898/A DC Dr Leo Kevin

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