Data Protection Commissioner
Data Protection Commissioner

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The following is the current list of registrations held by the Office of the Data Protection Commissioner
(Last update: 11/10/2017)
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Ref No: Reg Type Company Name:
12818/A DP DigiDox Ltd
4037/A DP Digital Documents Ltd.
9636/A DC Digital Media Internet Services Limited trading as Lets Host
16873/A DC+DP Digital Trading Technologies Ltd
9947/A DC Digiweb Ltd
14764/A DC Dilosk DAC t/a Dilosk and ICS Mortgages
17229/A DC Dilosk Funding No 1 DAC
17228/A DC Dilosk Funding No 5 DAC
16671/A DC Dilosk Funding No.2 Designated Activity Company
17043/A DC Dilosk Funding No.4 Designated Activity Company
11816/A DP Direct Medical Limited
9578/A DC DJ"s Pharmacy Ltd
16118/A DC DK Ashburn DAC
10809/A DP DKI Limited T/A Sales Pulse
10743/A DC DKPHARM LTD trading as Fethard Pharmacy.
15533/A DC DLL Ireland DAC
15290/A DC+DP DLL Leasing DAC
12837/A DC DLL Re DAC
6514/A DP DLRS Group
10758/A DC DMH Pharmacy Ltd t/as Duffys Pharmacy
13808/A DP DNG Limited
1656/A DC Dobit Ltd, T/A Poplar Pharmacy
12026/A DC Dochas don Oige
2459/A DC+DP Docket & Form International Limited
16699/A DC Docks Pharmacy T/A lavelle's Pharmacy
12526/A DC Doctor Kevin Tempany
10941/A DC Doctor Sean Mc Carthy
1868/A DC Doctors John & Bernadette O'Riordan & Dr. Andrew Lyne
11250/A DP Document File Solutions Ltd t/a eDocs
10984/A DC Dodds Pharmacy Ltd
16649/A DP Doggett Printers Ltd, T/A Doggett Group
15145/A DC Doherty's Pharmacy
8684/A DC Dohilla Ltd T/A O' Driscoll's Pharmacy
5246/A DC Dolans Pharmacy Ltd
12854/A DC Dominic Court Dental Practice
15161/A DP Dominick R Downey Ltd
14992/A DC Dominions Mortgages Designated Activity Company
17504/A DP Don Poland
13090/A DP Don Smith
13604/A DC Donabate Clinic Avril Cogan, and Peter Watson
8575/A DC Donabate Pharmacy Ltd T/A Donabate Pharmacy
15356/A DC Donabrin Ltd T/A Fair Street Pharmacy
2157/A DC Donagh Corby
13764/A DC Donal Courtney
14754/A DP Donal Cullinane
9393/A DC Donal Deeny
13583/A DP Donal G Terry & Associates Ltd
13077/A DP Donal Green
7776/A DC Donal Kenefick G.P., Dr. Emma Kenefick
0744/A DC Donal Mc Goey Pharmacy LTD
13348/A DP Donal Nolan
13528/A DC Donal O'Keeffe
17049/A DP Donall McElwee
0517/A DC Donegal County Council
15129/A DC Donegal Education and Training Board
2638/A DC Donegal Farm Relief Services Ltd
16739/A DP Donegal Local Development Company CLGTrading as Donegal Local Development
2027/A DC Donegal Town Credit Union
14437/A DP Donie Moynihan
11418/A DP Donie O' Keeffe and Siobhán Keane
8927/A DC Donna Mc Quaid McQuaids Pharmacy
8644/A DC Donnapark Ltd t/a Churchtown Pharmacy
4626/A DC Donnelly's Pharmacy Ltd
16680/A DP Donohoe Motor Salvage Ltd,T/A Motor Salvage Irl (SI)
11186/A DC Donohoe, Niall
0624/A DC Donore Credit Union Ltd
13224/A DP Donseed Ltd
10486/A DC Doodys Pharmacy Ltd
7044/A DC Doon Pharmacy DAC
17128/A DC Doon Pharmacy DAC
0143/A DC Dorans Pharmacy Ltd
14078/A DC Doreen Dempsey
7245/A DC Doriordpharm Ltd T/A O'Riordan's Pharmacy
5362/A DC Doughiska Pharmacy, t/a Merlin Pharmacy
16660/A DC Douglas Clinic
0101/A DC Douglas Credit Union
14880/A DC Dowling & Company
15142/A DP Downey Investigations
13842/A DP Doyles Garage Courtown Ltd
17410/A DC Doyle's Pharmacy Clontarf Limited t/a Doyle's Pharmacy
2212/A DC Dr (John) Brendan Clune / Dr Conor Ryan
2832/A DC Dr A J Reeves
12726/A DC Dr Aaron Peace
16117/A DC Dr Abd Alla Fares
17182/A DC Dr Abdul Zaheer
17033/A DC Dr Abigail Walsh
12282/A DC Dr Achim Schlunke
16485/A DC Dr Adbur Rahman Aftab
16481/A DC Dr Adil Asghar Butt
8133/A DC Dr Adrian Carney
11362/A DC Dr Adrian J. Fadden
4698/A DC Dr Adrian Mc Goldrick & Dr Bernard Healy
17412/A DC Dr Adrian Murphy
16119/A DC Dr Adriana Ahmad Nizam
13550/A DC Dr Adrienne Kennedy
12691/A DC Dr Agnes Hayes
17417/A DC Dr Agnieszka Pazderska
15487/A DC Dr Ahsan Alam
15411/A DC Dr Aidan Buckley

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