Data Protection Commissioner
Data Protection Commissioner

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The following is the current list of registrations held by the Office of the Data Protection Commissioner
(Last update: 14/03/2018)
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Ref No: Reg Type Company Name:
12827/A DC Department of Children and Youth Affairs
2710/A DC+DP Department of Culture, Heritage and the Gaeltacht
0402/A DC+DP Department of Defence
10764/A DC Department of Education & Skills
9207/A DC Department of Finance
0568/A DC Department of Foreign Affairs & Trade
0479/A DC+DP Department of Health
0721/B DC Department of Housing, Planning Local Government
0725/C DC Department of Justice and Equality
1359/A DC Department of Laboratory Medicine
12778/A DC+DP Department of Public Expenditure and Reform
0867/D DC Department of the Taoiseach
0478/B DC Department of Transport Tourism and Sport
7253/A DC DEPFA ACS Bank
7251/A DC DEPFA Bank Plc
13417/A DP Derek Gerard Byrne
17495/A DP Derek O'Sullivan T/A Acorn Life DAC
15699/A DC Derek Riordan
16766/A DP Derek Walpole
0130/A DC Derg Credit Union Ltd
16719/A DP Dermot Clancy T/A Dermot Clancy
14837/A DP Dermot Corcoran
7149/A DC Dermot F. Mahony
13038/A DP Dermot Fitzgerald
12874/A DC Dermot J Hehir Arden Surgery
16655/A DP Dermot Keogh t/a Deko Services
0505/A DC Dermot Moran (Firhouse) Ltd (Pharm)
13926/A DC Dermot O' Donovan
12035/A DC Dermot O' Neill Pharmacy (Portlaw) ITD
15265/A DP Dermot Sheedy
10026/A DC Dermot Smyth (TullyAllen Pharmacy Ltd)
17304/A DP Derry Connell Marine Limited t/a Derry Connell Marine Limited
14506/A DC Derryadd Pharmacy Ltd
16444/A DC Derville O'Shea
17522/A DP Des Byrne T/A Independent Security Solutions
0038/A DC Desmond Credit Union
14406/A DP Desmond Morgan
17203/A DP Desmond O'Neill Trading as advancesolutions2
17516/A DC Deutsche Capital Management Limited
10759/A DC Deutsche Post Insurance DAC
17126/A DP DevEire Limited
9600/A DC Devines Pharmacy Limited t/a Adrian Dunne Pharmacy
12187/A DC Dexia Credit Local
13286/A DC DFD Gleeson Limited trading name Gleeson's Pharmacy
7401/A DC DFK Pharmacy Ltd t/a O'Connells Pharmacy
16980/A DP DGD Papers Limited trading as DGD Shredding
16216/A DP DHKN
16215/A DP DHKN Limited
15610/A DP DHR Communications
8949/A DC Diabetes Federation of Ireland
11306/A DC Diageo Ireland
15302/A DC Diageo Ireland Pension Trustee Designated Activity Company
10448/A DC Diagnostic Imaging Group
17564/A DP Diamond Point Ltd
14011/A DC Diarmuid Horgan
13064/A DP Diarmuid Moloney
2327/A DC Diarmuid O' Sullivan (Pharmacy) Ltd
12752/A DC+DP Diet and Health Solutions Ltd
12818/A DP DigiDox Ltd
4037/A DP Digital Documents Ltd.
9636/A DC Digital Media Internet Services Limited trading as Lets Host
17886/A DP Digital Media Productions Ltd T/A DVD Centre
9947/A DC Digiweb Ltd
14764/A DC Dilosk DAC t/a Dilosk and ICS Mortgages
17229/A DC Dilosk Funding No 1 DAC
17228/A DC Dilosk Funding No 5 DAC
16671/A DC Dilosk Funding No.2 Designated Activity Company
17043/A DC Dilosk Funding No.4 Designated Activity Company
15229/A DC Dilosk RMBS No.1 Limited
8968/A DP Dineen Financial Ltd.
11816/A DP Direct Medical Limited
5428/A DC Director General of the Irish Prison Service
9578/A DC DJ"s Pharmacy Ltd
16118/A DC DK Ashburn DAC
10809/A DP DKI Limited T/A Sales Pulse
10743/A DC DKPHARM LTD trading as Fethard Pharmacy.
15533/A DC DLL Ireland DAC
15290/A DC+DP DLL Leasing DAC
12837/A DC DLL Re DAC
6514/A DP DLRS Group
10758/A DC DMH Pharmacy Ltd t/as First Choice Pharmacy
13808/A DP DNG Limited
16232/A DP DNM Technology Ltd
1656/A DC Dobit Ltd, T/A Poplar Pharmacy
12026/A DC+DP Dochas don Oige
2459/A DC+DP Docket & Form International Limited
16699/A DC Docks Pharmacy Ltd., T/A lavelle's Pharmacy
10273/A DC Doctor Hugh Doran
12526/A DC Doctor Kevin Tempany
10941/A DC Doctor Sean Mc Carthy
1868/A DC Doctors John & Bernadette O'Riordan & Dr. Andrew Lyne
11250/A DP Document File Solutions Ltd t/a eDocs
10984/A DC Dodds Pharmacy Ltd
16649/A DP Doggett Printers Ltd, T/A Doggett Group
15145/A DC Doherty's Pharmacy
8684/A DC Dohilla Ltd T/A O' Driscoll's Pharmacy
5246/A DC Dolans Pharmacy Ltd
12854/A DC Dominic Court Dental Practice
15161/A DP Dominick R Downey Ltd

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