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The following is the current list of registrations held by the Office of the Data Protection Commissioner
(Last update: 25/11/2015)
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Ref No: Reg Type Company Name:
7486/A DP DABL Limited
10422/A DC Dactyl 10 t/a Churchtown Medical
10421/A DC Dactyl 10 trading as Barrow Medical
10417/A DC Dactyl 10 trading as Clonard Medical
14503/A DC Dactyl X and Dr Bill Fegan, Dr Noel O'Gorman & Dr Eugene Swaine
9607/A DC Dactyl X in partnership with Dr Declan Woods & Dr Patricia O'Toole, t/a Centric Health Carlow
11442/A DC Dactyl X in partnership with Dr Sean Lynch t/a Raheny Medical
15011/A DC Dactyl X ltd and Dr Michael O' Brien
12296/A DC Dactyl X, Dr Philip Mac Mahon, Dr Justin Smyth&JDS Medical Services Ltd Ranelagh Medical
12611/A DC Dactyl X, t/a Newbridge Medical & Newbridge Dental
2874/A DC Daly's Lane Surgery
15661/A DP Dame Printing Limited T/A Snap Dame Street
14342/A DP Damian Creevey
12256/A DP Dan Cagney
12912/A DC Dan Counihan Orthodontics
13737/A DP Dan McInerney
10861/A DC Dan O' Keeffe Pharmacy LTD
13378/A DP Dan O' Sullivan
10175/A DC Dan Sean's Pharmacy
12171/A DC Danderville Ltd t/a Doyles Pharmacy
13614/A DC Daniel O Connell
11195/A DC Daniel Rawluk
8971/A DP Daniel Sheahan t/a Delve Research
15192/A DP Danny Kelly
15252/A DP Danny Lordon
0006/A DC+DP Danske Bank A/S trading as Danske Bank
13645/A DC Dara Kavanagh
11301/A DC Darach William Crimmins
14757/A DC Daraglen Limited t/a Riverchapel Pharmacy
10742/A DC Darep Limited
0590/A DC Dargans Chemist Ltd
14299/A DC Dariusz Buczkowski t/a Newpark Medical@Dental Clinic
14502/A DC Darjem Limited trading as Bump Insurance
13210/A DC Darnell Limited
14375/A DP Darragh O' Dea
13891/A DC Darren and Joanne Gaffey
14793/A DP Darren Hanlon
13577/A DC Darren McCourt
13498/A DC Darryl Barry
7432/A DC Darta Saving Life Assurance Ltd
8511/A DC+DP DAS Legal Expenses Insurance Company Ltd
1990/A DC+DP Data Ireland
12212/A DP Data Marketing Solutions
0937/A DC Data Protection Commissioner
7789/A DP Dataconversion Direct Ltd
12121/A DP Datahug Ltd
11223/A DC+DP Dataxcel Limited
12520/A DC Davenzo Limited trading as Foleys of Clontarf
14541/A DC David and Karen Cosgrove
12348/A DC David Borton Medical Practice
15791/A DP David Byrne
13450/A DP David Carroll
14203/A DC David Fitzgerald and Grainne McKeown t/a Dublin Physiotherapy Clinic
15748/A DP David Fleming T/A Quotelocker
15792/A DP David Fogarty Claims Management Services
12494/A DP David Fogarty Claims Management Services Ltd
12550/A DC David Gibbons, Kieran Sheahan, Tom Crotty, Eoghan Mooney, Karen Murphy, Niamh Nolan, Lynda Fenelon, Gerry Connaghan, Joan FitzGerald, Susan Kennedy, Michael Farrell, Cecily Quinn, Susan FitzGerald, Kirsten Shaffer, Aurelie Fabre, Niall Swan, Patrick Twomey, Kamal Fadalla, Sinead McNicholas
10300/A DC David Gough
12373/A DC David Healy
13372/A DP David Hedderman Financial Services
15296/A DC David Johnson t/a The
10740/A DC David Kane
9477/A DC David Kent
0851/A DC David King Pharmaceutical Ltd
14430/A DP David McCurtin
15041/A DC David McMurray
12491/A DC David O' Brien
13334/A DP David Prendergast
14454/A DP David Price
15208/A DC David Smyth
14411/A DP David Wood
5273/A DC Davis Pharmacy
13987/A DP Dawson MGA Limited
2642/A DP DB Service Centre Limited
14035/A DC DBC Physiotherapy
12186/A DC DCP Pharmacy Ltd
15533/A DC De Lage Landen Ireland Company
15290/A DC De Lage Landen Leasing Company
12837/A DC De Lage Landen Re Limited
12428/A DC+DP Dealer Marketing
2852/A DC Deansgrange Medical Centre
11096/A DC+DP Debitask Collection Services Limited
12803/A DP DebtNet Limited
7336/A DC DeCare Dental Insurance Ireland Ltd
7560/A DP DeCare Operations Ireland Ltd
14843/A DP DeCare Systems Ireland Limited
5552/A DP Declan Brennan
12867/A DP Declan Breslin
14391/A DP Declan Cole
2429/A DC Declan Coyle Ltd
15116/A DP Declan Griffey
0169/A DC Declan Hickey Chemists Limited
14233/A DC+DP Declan Lyons
15053/A DP Declan McCann
15053/A DP Declan McCann
13080/A DP Declan O Hanlon
13293/A DP Declan O' Neill
14446/A DP Declan O' Neill
0260/A DC Declan O'Sullivan (Pharmacy) Ltd

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