Data Protection Commissioner
Data Protection Commissioner

For Individuals - Your Rights

Know Your Rights
This short guide outlines your rights under the Data Protection Acts and information on how you can exercise these rights.

Accessing your Personal Information
Find out how you can get a copy of your personal infomation; the exemptions that may apply; and what you can do if, for some reason, you cannot get a copy of your personal information.

Making a Complaint to the Commissioner
Find out what you should do before making a complaint to this Office, information on how you can make a complaint, and the sequence of events involved in an investigation into complaints.

Dealing with Unwanted Direct Marketing
A summary of the main types of direct marketing and advice on how you can deal with them.

Seeing your Credit Rating
Information on how you can get a copy of your credit record held by the Irish Credit Bureau

Self Help
How you can protect your personal information including information online.

Other Languages
A guide to your rights in the Polish, Slovak and Czech languages.