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Registry Details for 'D. V. Marron & Co. Ltd.'

Company Name: D. V. Marron & Co. Ltd.
Ref Number: 8610/A
Reg Type: DC
Company Address: Main St Clane Co. Kildare
Contact: Jonathon JamesMorrissey
Purpose: Retail Pharmacy Business and limited pharmacy services to Clane General Hospital, Larchfield Park Nursing Home & Elm Hall Nursing Home.
Continuation Due Date: 15/02/2015
Description: Customer/Patient Records: Name, house address, date of birth, GMS number, DPS number, LTI number, prescription details, names of prescribing doctor, known allergies, contact details where applicable, next of kin where applicable.
Disclosees: Prescribing doctor where appropriate, Hospital Doctor where appropriate, Primary Care Reimbursement Service where appropriate, Nursing Home nurses and carers where appropriate.
Transfers Abroad: none

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