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Registry Details for 'SMT Fund Services (Ireland) Limited ("SMTFSIL")'

Company Name: SMT Fund Services (Ireland) Limited ("SMTFSIL")
Ref Number: 7919/A
Reg Type: DC
Company Address: Block 5 Level 3 Harcourt Centre Dublin 2
Contact: RobertHennessy
Purpose: SMTFSIL provides fund administration and management services to collective investment schemes which are domiciled in a number of jurisdictions
Continuation Due Date: 07/02/2015
Description: Investment Records - name, address, date of birth, passport number, utility bill of individual investors.Payroll - name, address, date of birth, qualifications, salary/pension/bank details.Personnel - name, address, date of birth, emergency contact details, attendance records, details of physical/mental health of employees
Disclosees: Investment in a Fund - Fund Promoters, Regulatory Authorities, Revenue Commissioners.Payroll - Payroll Bureau, Revenue Authorities
Transfers Abroad: N/A

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