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The following is the current list of registrations held by the Office of the Data Protection Commissioner
(Last update: 16/04/2014)
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Ref No: Reg Type Company Name:
12773/A DP Antony Mosely
14011/A DC Aoife Bourke
13782/A DC AON Hewitt Management Company Limited
7152/A DP Aon Insurance Managers (Dublin) Limited
12377/A DP APCOA Parking Ireland Limited
11196/A DP Apex Fund Services (Ireland) LTD
10535/A DP Appco Direct (Ireland) Limited
12374/A DC Appian Asset Management Limited
4662/A DC Applefield Ltd
13875/A DP Application Forms Limited T/A Irish Mail Solutions
5651/A DC+DP April (Insurety) Ireland Ltd
6325/A DC+DP APT Financial Sevices Limited
8415/A DC+DP APT Pensioneer Trustees Limited
13364/A DP Aquila Consultancy Limited
13734/A DC Arainn Credit Union Ltd
11146/A DP Arantico Ltd
8899/A DC Aras Slainte t/a Centric Health & The Well
11349/A DP ARB Underwriting
8091/A DC Arbor Property & Casualty Ireland Limited
7482/A DC Arca Vita International Limited
12594/A DC Arch Mortgage Insurance Limited
13070/A DC Arch Reinsurance Europe Underwriting Limited
12835/A DC Architas Multi-Manager (Europe) Limited
10029/A DP Arcline Ltd
0579/A DC Ardee Credit Union Ltd
11053/A DC Ardee Enterprise Center Ltd t/a Fred Matthews Pharmacy
6988/A DC Ardfallon Mall P. Ltd. t/a Ardfallon Late Night Pharmacy
5410/A DC Ardfert Pharmacy Ltd
9643/A DC Ardilaun Pharmacy LTD
12231/A DC Ardkillen Holdings Lyd T/A Slane Pharmacy
9682/A DC Ardpharm Ltd (trading as Currid's Pharmacy)
0742/O DC Area Aid/SBPU Division
11696/A DC Area Life International Assurance Limited
13943/A DP Arekibo Communications Limited
11315/A DC Ares Reinsurance Limited
1295/A DC Ark Life Assurance Company Ltd
13947/A DP Arklow Crash Repairs
0613/A DC Arklow Credit Union Ltd
2203/A DC Arklow Medical Practice Dr Ian Bothwell & Dr June Coates
0409/A DC Arklow Town Council
13955/A DP Armstrong Body Repairs ltd
14166/A DP Arnold & Green Ireland Ltd
13323/A DP Arthur Hennessy
9837/A DC Arthur Kennedy Chemist Ltd
14182/A DC Arthur O' Connor
4233/A DC+DP Artia Insurance Services Limited
2969/A DC+DP Arvato finance services Limited
1253/A DC+DP ASA Marketing Group
11324/A DC Asam Ishtiaq
14280/A DP Aseve Investigators Limited T/A Aserve
7467/A DP Ashbourne Commercial Property Limited
11360/A DC Ashbourne Pharmacy Ltd. t/a O'Donnell's Pharmacy
2312/A DC Ashford Pharmacy Limited
4440/A DC Askea Pharmacy Ltd
5602/A DP Aspen Ventures Limited
12942/A DP Asset Management Ireland
0474/A DC Assicurazioni Generali Spa
13505/A DC Associated HR Services Ltd (AHR Services)
12509/A DP Associated Loss Adjusters Limited
4280/A DC+DP Assurant Services Ireland Ltd
0610/A DC ASTI Credit Union Ltd
14189/A DC Astraval ltd t/a Craughwell Pharmacy
10660/A DP AstraZeneca Pharmaceuticals (IRL) Ltd
11118/A DC+DP AT&T Global Network Services Ireland Ltd
12651/A DC ATC Insurance Ireland Limited
10204/A DC ATC Pharmacy Ltd t/a Mc Gorisk's Pharmacy
10887/A DP A-tec Computers
14109/A DC Atelabaz Limited
11426/A DC ATG Limited (trading as Ability Matters)
1639/A DC Athboy Credit Union Ltd
11476/A DC Athboy Pharmacy Limited
2712/A DC Athea & District Credit Union Ltd
0611/A DC Athenry Credit Union Ltd
1016/A DC Athlone Credit Union Ltd
1973/A DC Athy Credit Union Limited
12772/A DP Athy Payroll Bureau Ltd
0238/A DC Athy Town Council
13000/A DP Atkins t/a WS Atkins Ireland Ltd
10075/A DC Atlantek Computers Ltd
12011/A DC Atlas Training
13644/A DC+DP Atradius Collections BV T/A Atradius Collections
7722/A DC Atradius Credit Insurance NV
9168/A DC Atradius Information Services BV
11330/A DC+DP Atradius Reinsurance Limited
1287/A DC Auburn Pharmacy Ltd
14066/A DC Audrey Redmond & Lorraine Hanrahan T/A Physiofusion
2329/A DC Aughrim Pharmacy Ltd.
0806/A DC Aughrim St Parish & Dist Cr Union
12028/A DC Augura Life Ireland Limited
10888/A DP Aurion Learning T/A Aurion Limited
11501/A DP Austin Egan
14085/A DC Austin Friars Pharmacy
2778/A DC Aut Even Private Hospital
12347/A DC Ava Capital Markets Ltd
12357/A DC Ava Walker
13256/A DC+DP Avant Tarjeta, Establecimiento Financiero de Credito S.A (a Spanish company trading in Ireland)
13255/A DC AvantCard Ireland Limited
9656/A DP Aver International Ltd (T/A Pre-Screen)
4399/A DC+DP Aviva Group Services Ireland Limited
7643/A DC+DP Aviva Health Insurance Ireland Limited

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