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The following is the current list of registrations held by the Office of the Data Protection Commissioner
(Last update: 18/12/2014)
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Ref No: Reg Type Company Name:
9341/A DC Dr Diarmuid Murray
5462/A DC Dr Domhnall Heraughty, Dr Roddy Quinn, Dr Siobhan McCormack Dr. Peter O''Shaughnessy
12050/A DC Dr Domhnall Kavanagh
1454/A DC Dr Dominic Lehane
10344/A DC Dr Donal Buckley T/A Fitzwilliam Medical Centre
12422/A DC Dr Donal Murray
11879/A DC Dr Donal Ryan
12679/A DC Dr Dr Michelle Halpenny
12710/A DC Dr Dubhfeasa Slattery
11265/A DC Dr E. Bruce Mitchell
4502/A DC Dr E.J.M. Cantillon, Dr C Gaughran, Dr. P. Cantillon, Dr. Jacq Cantillon.
1456/A DC Dr Eamonn Hartmann
12114/A DC Dr Eamonn Kelly & Dr Peter Boles
0941/A DC Dr Eamonn O' Shea & Dr Rita Halloran
0442/A DC Dr Eamonn R Shanahan
12553/A DC Dr Eddie Moloney
12856/A DC Dr Edel Mc Ateer & Dr William O' Brien
13273/A DC Dr Edgar Mocanu
12081/A DC Dr Edna F Roche
11750/A DC Dr Edward J.M. Barrett
12393/A DC Dr Eibhlis Brosnan
7305/A DC Dr Eileen Cassidy
5243/A DC Dr Eileen Coyne
14542/A DP Dr Eileen McGlynn
12424/A DC Dr Eileen O' Leary
12438/A DC Dr Eithne Foley
13522/A DC Dr Elaine Kiely
12394/A DC Dr Elaine M. Purcell
13258/A DC Dr Elaine Murphy
12323/A DC Dr Eleanor Jones
11861/A DC Dr Eleanor O' Leary
14134/A DC Dr Elizabeth Cryan
1601/A DC Dr Elizabeth Maire O'Donnell
14740/A DC Dr Elizabeth O Mahoney
11891/A DC Dr Ellen Crushell
13576/A DC Dr Emma Molamphy
9655/A DC Dr Enda Harhen, Dr Anne Kingston,
10848/A DC Dr Enda Sheehan & Dr Bernadette O'Leary
13494/A DC Dr Enda Whelan
12624/A DC Dr Eoin Kavanagh
1416/A DC Dr Eoin Monaghan & Dr Conor McNeice
1169/A DC Dr Eoin O'Brien
7703/A DC Dr Eric Yelverton
13825/A DC Dr Erik Korba
10094/A DC Dr Ernan Gallagher
14623/A DC Dr Eugene Ng
3099/A DC Dr Eugene O' Kelly
14098/A DC Dr Eugene O'Kelly
12069/A DC Dr Eva & Dr Gergely Egyed
11867/A DC Dr Faisal Siddiqui
10252/A DC Dr Fergus Glynn
12662/A DC Dr Fidelma Flanagan
12620/A DC Dr Fidelma Flanagan
12696/A DC Dr Fidelma Kirby
12660/A DC Dr Fiona Carty
12547/A DC Dr Fiona Keane
12823/A DC Dr Fiona O'Reilly, Dr Matthias Dahm
1077/A DC Dr Fionnuala Doyle
11882/A DC Dr Fionnuala Lyons
11883/A DC Dr Frances Conway
12736/A DC Dr Francis Finucane
10871/A DC Dr Francis Laurence Kenny & Dr Mary Scott
10821/A DC Dr Frank Fahey
2461/A DC Dr Frank Fogarty and Dr Paul Van Dessel
10054/A DC Dr Gabriel Fox
1846/A DC Dr Garrett Igoe / Dr Derval Foyle / Dr Jillian Begley
2475/A DC Dr Gary Stack& Dr Fidelma Cronin
11889/A DC Dr Gavin Briggs
3079/A DC Dr George A FitzGerald
2231/A DC Dr George R Donald
11836/A DC Dr Gerald Mc Greal
2388/A DC Dr Gerald Wheeler
4644/A DC Dr Geraldine Gaffney
2818/A DC Dr Gerard B Cummins
4386/A DC Dr Gerard Bury
9389/A DC Dr Gerard O' Connell
10243/A DC Dr Gerry Molloy
2490/A DC Dr Gertrude Teresa Ronan
9819/A DC Dr Gillian Boland Dr John Paul Donohoe, Dr Kenneth Cahill
12577/A DC Dr Gillian Byers
13437/A DC Dr Gillian Mc Cutcheon
12623/A DC Dr Gorlaith Hargaden
12666/A DC Dr Gormlaith Hargaden
12418/A DC Dr Gráinne Ní Ghairbhí
13686/A DP Dr Grace Buckley
9435/A DC Dr Grace Hession, Dr Margaret Lynch & Dr Aine Moran
12588/A DC Dr Grainne Clyne
6707/A DC Dr Harry Kelleher
10536/A DC Dr Heather McIntyre
5363/A DC Dr Helena Moore
12667/A DC Dr Henry Frizelle-Farnogue
10463/A DC Dr Hossein Tabesh t/a Aungier Street Medical Centre
7113/A DC Dr Hugh Bradley
11398/A DC Dr Hugh Byrne
10268/A DC Dr Hugh Byrne and Dr J Jill Marshall
14329/A DC Dr Hugh Nohilly
9804/A DC Dr Ian Buckowski Dr John Ball
11946/A DC Dr Irene Leonard
13493/A DC Dr Ita Mullaghy
13281/A DC Dr Ivan Gibbons

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