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The following is the current list of registrations held by the Office of the Data Protection Commissioner
(Last update: 18/09/2014)
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Ref No: Reg Type Company Name:
2618/A DC Dorrians Pharmacy Ltd
5362/A DC Doughiska Pharmacy, t/a Merlin Pharmacy
0101/A DC Douglas Credit Union
13890/A DC Douglas Duffy
13951/A DC Douglas Physiotherapy Clinic
14029/A DP Doyle Mark
11294/A DP DPAS Limited t/a DPAS Ireland
2212/A DC Dr (John) Brendan Clune / Dr Conor Ryan
2832/A DC Dr A J Reeves
12726/A DC Dr Aaron Peace
11843/A DC Dr Abdelaly Abeidi
12282/A DC Dr Achim Schlunke
8133/A DC Dr Adrian Carney
11362/A DC Dr Adrian J. Fadden
4698/A DC Dr Adrian Mc Goldrick & Dr Bernard Healy
13550/A DC Dr Adrienne Kennedy
12691/A DC Dr Agnes Hayes
12689/A DC Dr Ahsan Javaid Butt
9788/A DC Dr Aidan Culhane
4457/A DC Dr Aidan Hampson
5485/A DC Dr Aidan O'Colmain
13656/A DP Dr Aidan Quinn
9646/A DC Dr Aidan Ward t/a The Catleknock Clinic
12562/A DC Dr Aideen Moran
12701/A DC Dr Aileen Flavin
5578/A DC Dr Ailish Leavy
9772/A DC Dr Aisling O'Carroll
9693/A DC Dr Alan Guckian
7674/A DC Dr Alex Khourie
5330/A DC Dr Alexander Bergin
12431/A DC Dr Alexander Deegan
11274/A DC Dr Alexander Michel
11992/A DC Dr Alexandra Robinson
5059/A DC Dr Alfred A Mannion
12450/A DC Dr Alistair McFarlane
11272/A DC Dr Andrew Coady
10814/A DC Dr Andrew Kelly
12690/A DC Dr Andrew Maree
12391/A DC Dr Andrew Sargaison
11866/A DC Dr Andrew Tierney
13225/A DC Dr Angela O'Donoghue
2207/A DC Dr Ann Marie O'Farrell
11805/A DC Dr Ann Reilly, precedent partner for Bon Secour Dublin Pathology Group-other partners: Dr John O' Dowd, Dr George Harbourne, Dr Marie Therese Clancy, Dr Donald McCarthy, Prof Philip Mayne.
1886/A DC Dr Anne B Devitt & Dr Paul Lannon
12163/A DC Dr Anne Cronin
2736/A DC Dr Anne Flanagan & Dr Valerie Flood Medical Practice
12714/A DC Dr Anne Hennessy
11247/A DC Dr Anne Lennon
11437/A DC Dr Anne Mc Swiney
11447/A DC Dr Anne Mulrooney
12078/A DC Dr Anne O'Brien
11202/A DC Dr Annette Neary
13367/A DC Dr Anthony Delap & Dr Edward Harkin
4296/A DC Dr Anthony Lundon, Dr Eamonn Faller, Dr Kathleen Faller & Dr Mary Hurley
11425/A DC Dr Anthony Melody
9495/A DC Dr Anthony Ryan & Dr Valerie Cronin
10889/A DC Dr Antoinette Tuthill
11860/A DC Dr Aoife Lane
10406/A DC Dr Asta Reddin
10162/A DC Dr Austin O Carroll
5081/A DC Dr B Frances Glennon
12178/A DC Dr Barbara Alexa Kerkhoff
11849/A DC Dr Barbara Ryan
5439/A DC Dr Barry Boland
2127/A DC Dr Barry Oliver
12700/A DC Dr Barry Plant
11297/A DC Dr Bart Cullen
12722/A DC Dr Basil Elnazir
7569/A DC Dr Benjamin Murphy, Dr Fergal Slevin, Dr Bríd Ormonde, Dr Melaine O' Reilly
9120/A DC Dr Bernard J Durack
12670/A DC Dr Branislav Mislovic
10562/A DC Dr Breda Clifford
2752/A DC Dr Brefni D. Reynolds (Sole Trader)
3019/A DC Dr Brenda Murnane
3035/A DC Dr Brenda O' Halloran
11404/A DC Dr Brendan Crowley
11999/A DC Dr Brendan F Mc Adam
5406/A DC Dr Brendan Mullins & Dr Mary Woulfe
11856/A DC Dr Brendan O'Hare
13221/A DC Dr Brendan O'Regan
4082/A DC Dr Brendan O'Shea
10972/A DC Dr Brian Bird
1440/A DC Dr Brian Coffey
8372/A DC Dr Brian Cronin
1422/A DC Dr Brian J Hurson
1147/A DC Dr Brian J Lamont
14282/A DC Dr Brian Kennedy
10817/A DC Dr Brian Kirby
11089/A DC Dr Brian Lennon
11639/A DC Dr Brian M. Kennedy General Practitioner
12054/A DC Dr Brian Walsh
12165/A DC Dr Brian Whelan
12686/A DC Dr Bridget Egan
11781/A DC Dr Briony Kells, Dr Nicola Barry
12703/A DC Dr Bryan Loo
9895/A DC Dr Caitlin O'Connor
11870/A DC Dr Caitriona Cody
13526/A DC Dr Caitriona Monaghan
13412/A DC Dr Caoimhe Lynch
12680/A DC Dr Carl Fagan

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