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The following is the current list of registrations held by the Office of the Data Protection Commissioner
(Last update: 24/04/2014)
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Ref No: Reg Type Company Name:
11849/A DC Dr Barbara Ryan
5439/A DC Dr Barry Boland
2127/A DC Dr Barry Oliver
12700/A DC Dr Barry Plant
11297/A DC Dr Bart Cullen
12722/A DC Dr Basil Elnazir
7569/A DC Dr Benjamin Murphy, Dr Fergal Slevin, Dr Bríd Ormonde, Dr Melaine O' Reilly
9120/A DC Dr Bernard J Durack
12670/A DC Dr Branislav Mislovic
10562/A DC Dr Breda Clifford
2752/A DC Dr Brefni D. Reynolds (Sole Trader)
3019/A DC Dr Brenda Murnane
3035/A DC Dr Brenda O' Halloran
11404/A DC Dr Brendan Crowley
11999/A DC Dr Brendan F Mc Adam
5406/A DC Dr Brendan Mullins & Dr Mary Woulfe
11856/A DC Dr Brendan O'Hare
13221/A DC Dr Brendan O'Regan
4082/A DC Dr Brendan O'Shea
10972/A DC Dr Brian Bird
1440/A DC Dr Brian Coffey
8372/A DC Dr Brian Cronin
1422/A DC Dr Brian J Hurson
1147/A DC Dr Brian J Lamont
14282/A DC Dr Brian Kennedy
10817/A DC Dr Brian Kirby
11089/A DC Dr Brian Lennon
11639/A DC Dr Brian M. Kennedy General Practitioner
12054/A DC Dr Brian Walsh
12165/A DC Dr Brian Whelan
12686/A DC Dr Bridget Egan
11781/A DC Dr Briony Kells, Dr Nicola Barry
12703/A DC Dr Bryan Loo
9895/A DC Dr Caitlin O'Connor
11870/A DC Dr Caitriona Cody
13526/A DC Dr Caitriona Monaghan
10948/A DC Dr Cal Condon
13412/A DC Dr Caoimhe Lynch
12680/A DC Dr Carl Fagan
5517/A DC Dr Carmel Condon
12655/A DC Dr Carmel Cronin
12380/A DC Dr Carmel Malone
5430/A DC Dr Caroline Tansey
9047/A DC Dr Cathal Lee
5092/A DC Dr Catherine Coleman
4222/A DC Dr Catherine Fraher
10370/A DC Dr Catherine Kelleher
4400/A DC Dr Catherine Mullan
11834/A DC Dr Catherine O' Malley
13662/A DC Dr Catherine Pigott
12718/A DC Dr Cathy Allen
14023/A DC Dr Catriona Begley
12715/A DC Dr Ceara Hart
12764/A DC Dr Charles G. Meehan/ General Practitioner
5423/A DC Dr Charles Gavin
4089/A DC Dr Charles McCarthy
12705/A DC Dr Charles Vaughan
4977/A DC Dr Christine Walsh-McCarthy
9220/A DC Dr Christopher Cunningham
2223/A DC Dr Christopher D O' Rourke
11880/A DC Dr Christopher Kemps
13559/A DC Dr Ciara O'Sullivan
13638/A DC Dr Ciaran Kirrane
13197/A DC Dr Ciaran Regan
12733/A DC Dr Ciaran Twomey
14210/A DC Dr Ciarin Cairns
11361/A DC Dr Clair Kilgarriff
11812/A DC Dr Claire Smyth
12888/A DC Dr Clare Fallon
1225/A DC Dr Clare O' Flynn & Dr Michael Kennedy
12664/A DC Dr Clare Smith
10664/A DC Dr Cliona Kilmartin
12706/A DC Dr Cliona Murphy
11022/A DC Dr Cliona Ryan
13019/A DC Dr Clive Kilgallen
11364/A DC Dr Clodagh Mc Allister
0016/A DC Dr CN Pidgeon
11872/A DC Dr Colette Murphy
0870/A DC Dr Colin Gleeson
1060/A DC Dr Collin Riordan
2497/A DC Dr Colm Hackett
14226/A DC Dr Colm Magee
14186/A DC Dr Colm O Neill
2201/A DC Dr Colm O' Reilly / Dr Jarlath Ó Healy
11884/A DC Dr Colman O'loughlin
13488/A DC Dr Con O'Keeffe
12980/A DC Dr Conal Kavanagh
11875/A DC Dr Conan McCaul
12434/A DC Dr Conleth Murphy
13078/A DC Dr Conor Farrell
10436/A DC Dr Conor Geaney
5345/A DC Dr Conor Hassett & Dr Fiona Mc Goldrick
11257/A DC Dr Conor O' Brien
10531/A DC Dr Cormac Ó Dubhghaill
10471/A DC Dr Cormac Ó Nuallain
11847/A DC Dr Crina Burlacu
12729/A DC Dr Criona Walshe
10039/A DC Dr Cronin & Dr MacDonagh
2333/A DC Dr Cyril Newman

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