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Registry Details for 'Darta Saving Life Assurance Ltd'

Company Name: Darta Saving Life Assurance Ltd
Ref Number: 7432/A
Reg Type: DC
Company Address: Allianz House Elmpark Merrion Road Dublin 4
Contact: Lisa Leahy
Purpose: a) Darta Saving is a life assurance company regulated in Ireland and sells products on cross border basis into other EU countries. The main purpose for keeping personal data is to carry on the administration of unit-linked life assurance business (b) The Company also needs to keep personal data for HR purposes - i.e. for administration of payroll for employees and for keeping a record of employees work experience, qualifications and company medical examination.
Continuation Due Date: 04/08/2014
Description: a) Life assurance administration (customer data):name, address, date of birth, place of birth, sex, identity card/passport number, nationality, fiscal code, bank account details, value of life assurance policies, declarations of good health, health questionnaire details, medical examination details, death certificates, cause of death, list of heirs and succession details, AML info (source of wealth, occupation, salary details, inheritance details, total customer net wealth, assets constituting net wealth, family member details, AML customer risk rating, suspicious transaction reports). b) HR (Employee data): name, address, date of birth, phone number, bank details, PPS number, salary, PAYE deductions, PRSI contributions, private health and pension contributions, employee CVs,medical examination details, identity card/passport number, performance appraisal details, references, information obtained for fitness and probity assessments, education details, maternity leave details, interview details, biometric image of fingerprints for clocking-in system.
Disclosees: (a) Life assurance administration:Third party administration service providers, Central Bank of Ireland, Italian Fiscal Authority, Italian Fiscal Representative, appointed actuary, bankers, distributors, brokers, reinsurers, legal advisors, auditors, other regulators (b) HR (Emplyee data):Third party payroll administrator, Revenue Commissioners, auditors
Transfers Abroad: Yes
Countries: Italy and Germany.Personal data related to policies to enable the company to carry on cross-border life assurance business.

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