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Registry Details for 'CUNA Mutual Life Assurance (Europe) Limited'

Company Name: CUNA Mutual Life Assurance (Europe) Limited
Ref Number: 8330/A
Reg Type: DC+DP
Company Address: Harcourt Building Harcourt Street Dublin 2
Contact: DavidShaw
Purpose: The principal activity of CMLAEL is underwriting Life Assurance policies as provided for under Classes I and IV of The Central Bank Of Ireland Insurance regulations
Continuation Due Date: 27/09/2015
Description: Information necessary to administer Insurance policies & Company Staff administration.1) Policy Premium Administration - Policy Holder name, address, date of birth, policy cover in force, Bank account details. 2) Claims Administration - Employment detail, Medical history, Telephone call recording.3) Product pricing and reserving analytics. 4) Staff administration: Name, address, age, PPSN, passport details, next of kin, marital status, education & training record, employment terms including qualifications and responsibilities, compliance with CBOI MCC and F&P certification requirements, salary and related financial details, disciplinary record, any associated information required to manage the employer/employee relationship.
Disclosees: Third Party Administrator who operates under contract to CMLAEL. Other insurers, fraud investigation companies for the purpose of investigating, detecting and preventing fraud. Companies who provide back to work assistance services, Chief Medical Officer(Outsourced), Appointed Actuary(outsourced), Re-insurers, Group companies. Regulatory Authorities, The Central Bank of Ireland, Gardai & other regulatory bodies who have jurisdiction.Other agents for the purposes of complying with anti-money laundering and counter terrorist financing legislation.For Company Staff Administration - Payroll provider (Outsourced).
Transfers Abroad: No

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