Data Protection Commissioner

Registry Details for 'Alterra Capital Europe Ltd'

Company Name: Alterra Capital Europe Ltd
Ref Number: 7417/A
Reg Type: DC+DP
Company Address: 7/8 Wilton Terrace Dublin 2
Contact: Compliance Officer
Purpose: Alterra Capital Europe Ltd is a registered Insurance and Reinsurance intermediary.
Continuation Due Date: 23/07/2015
Description: Claims/Underwriting Certain personal information is maintained on individual claimants - including name, gender, date of birth, nature of claim, other relevant claims and underwriting data Personal Data Any information required to manage human resources including name, address, date of birth, telephone number, marital status, salary and benefit details, bank acount details, pension and health insurance applications, previous employment details and qualifications, professional memberships and subscriptions Procurement of goods and services Supplier contact details and bank details
Disclosees: Claims/Underwriting Lawyers and other professional advisors, authoried intermediaries, reinsurers, group companies Personal Data Payroll administrators, pensions and insurance providers and intermediaries, group companies, Central Bank of Ireland
Transfers Abroad: Bermuda Description of data: as at 4 (a) above Purpose of transfer: Group analysis of risks/exposures, Claims management Personnel data Bermuda Description of data: Salary and benefit details Purpose of transfer: Administration of performance rela

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