Data Protection Commissioner

Registry Details for 'Patrick & Christina Carolan'

Company Name: Patrick & Christina Carolan
Ref Number: 1331/A
Reg Type: DC
Company Address: T/A The Marian Pharmacy Friars Walk Co. Cork
Contact: PatrickCarolan
Purpose: Provision of pharmaceutical services and administration of pharmacy.
Continuation Due Date: 16/01/2016
Description: Customer Records Name, home address, date of birth, PPS number, medical card number, GMS number, DPS number, prescription details, name of prescribing doctor, allergies, payment details. Staff Records Name, home address, home contact details, date of birth, absence records, personnel/payroll number, PPS number, salary/pension details, annual/sick leave records, current/previous records, CV/qualifications, bank details. Security CCTV cameras in operation
Disclosees: Customer Records Prescribing doctor, health board, pharmaceutical society of Ireland, GMS payments board, southern health board, police. Staff Records None
Transfers Abroad: None

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