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The following is the current list of registrations held by the Office of the Data Protection Commissioner
(Last update: 22/05/2015)
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Ref No: Reg Type Company Name:
4837/A DC Wedgegrove Ltd
1208/A DC Weirs Chemist
8262/A DP Wellington Computer Systems Limited t/a Wellington IT Solutions
9782/A DC Wells Fargo Bank International
12278/A DP Wells Fargo Global Fund Services (Ireland) Limited
0463/A DC Wembar Co Ltd, T/A McCabes Pharmacy
13219/A DC Werndale Solutions Limited t/a Fallon's pharmacy
12470/A DP Wesfile Ltd
0106/A DC West Cabra Credit Union
0675/A DC West Clare Pharmacies Ltd
2362/A DC West St Pharmacy t/a Leavy's Pharmacy
4680/A DC Westchem Ltd.
10738/A DC Westdoc Ltd
10056/A DC Western Broadband Networks Limited t/a WestNet
9100/A DC Western Captive Insurance Company Limited
10041/A DC Western Care Association
4946/A DC Western Development Commission
2066/A DC Western Farming Development Co-Operative Society Limited
11626/A DC Western House Medical Centre (Dr Martin Rouse, Dr Bernadette Rouse, Dr Kevin Kelly, Dr Brian Morrissey, Dr John Carey)
4036/A DC Western PharmAssist Ltd
7832/A DC Western Rheumatology
12819/A DC Western Union Payment Services Ireland Limited
13929/A DP Westley Motors ltd
0263/A DC+DP Westmeath County Council
13849/A DC Westmeath Orthodontic Services Ltd
7654/A DC Westpharm Limited t/a Dooley's Pharmacy
0669/A DC Westport Credit Union Ltd
13839/A DP Westside Press Ltd
11714/A DP Wexford Community Development Association Society Limited t/a Datagroup
0275/A DC Wexford County Council
0860/A DC Wexford Credit Union Ltd
4423/A DC Whelehans Pharmacy
10942/A DC+DP White Horse Administration Services Limited
4218/A DC White Horse Insurance Ireland Limited
1203/A DC Whites Pharmacy Ltd
1284/A DC Wicklow & District Credit Union Ltd
0538/A DC+DP Wicklow County Council
9851/A DC Wicklow Pharmacy
1070/A DC Widdess Fitzgibbon Pharmacy Ltd
13914/A DP William and John Whitty
14602/A DP William Brennan
14607/A DP William Collins
0720/A DC+DP William Fadden Principal Officer, Office of the Revenue Commissioners
13805/A DC William Gaine
13847/A DP William Hughes
14480/A DP William Joseph Connors
7653/A DC William O' Brien G.P.
12427/A DC William Power
14274/A DP William Ryan t/a Ryan Consultancy
7934/A DC William Vincent Boland
4963/A DP Williams Lea Ireland LTD
8832/A DC Williamstown Dental Practice
5319/A DP Willis Management (Dublin) Ltd
14204/A DP Willis Risk Services (Ireland) Limited t/a Willis
7184/A DC Willis Trustsure Ltd
6092/A DC Willms Pharmacy Ltd
14932/A DC Willow Park Medical Centre
11407/A DC Wilson's Pharmacy Ltd. T/A Ticknock Pharmacy
11406/A DC Wilson's Pharmacy Ltd.,
12527/A DP Wilton Secretarial Limited
6896/A DP Wincanton Ireland Ltd T/A Wincanton Records Mgnt
9545/A DC Winfield Enterprises T/A Mc Granes Pharmacy
13268/A DC+DP WIPRO Outsourcing Services (Ireland) Limited
15038/A DC Wireless Connect Ltd
15065/A DP witZki Recruit Ltd
15131/A DC WMBM LTD Trading as Castle Pharmacy
14708/A DC Woodland Print Ltd
11189/A DC Woodlands International Insurance Company Ltd
15276/A DC Woodvale General Practice/ Alice Molony/ Michael Brennan
13596/A DC Woodview Family Doctors
1462/A DC Woodview Pharmacy
14821/A DP Word Perfect Translation Services Limited t/a Word Perfect Translations
13835/A DC Work Start West Cork Ltd
9172/A DC World Travel Centre
9976/A DC Wrightway Underwriting Ltd
14314/A DC WS Black Limited T/A Black's Allcare Pharmacy
10876/A DC Wunrok Ltd. t/a Travel Health Clinic
5606/A DC Wytattville Medical Centre
8902/A DC Xeon Dental Services t/a Smiles
13518/A DC Xeron Insurance
14355/A DC XL Insurance Company - Irish Branch
13813/A DC XL Re Europe Plc
12234/A DP XM Solutions Ltd
15150/A DP Xpanse Analytics Ltd
8249/A DC XR Marketing
10787/A DP XS Direct Insurance Brokers Limited
7508/A DP Xwerx Media Limited
6005/A DC Yalleton Ltd t/a Horgans Pharmacy
8710/A DC Yara Insurance Limited
13086/A DC Yellow Schedule Ltd
15169/A DC Youghal Chemist Ltd t/a Youghal Pharmacy
0075/A DC Youghal Credit Union Ltd
11178/A DC youngballymun limited
2390/A DC Young's Pharmacy
10859/A DC Your Local Pharmacy Ltd
14018/A DC yourtel Ltd
4603/A DC Yvon Ltd t/a Superpharm Chemists
9480/A DC Yvonne Byrne Pharmacy Ltd (t/a Byrne's Pharmacy)
8960/A DC Yvonne Morrison, Morrison's Pharmacy.

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