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The following is the current list of registrations held by the Office of the Data Protection Commissioner
(Last update: 28/01/2015)
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Ref No: Reg Type Company Name:
12267/A DP Mr Hugh Seery
4197/A DP Mr Ian Kelly
12143/A DC Mr J. Cliff Beirne
5332/A DC Mr J. Daly
11384/A DP Mr Jack McNamara
12638/A DC Mr James Cowley
13166/A DP Mr James Ferris
4198/A DP Mr James Hennebry
13169/A DP Mr James Morey
10918/A DP Mr James Somers
10917/A DP Mr Jason Stynes
1300/A DC Mr Jerry O'Connor MPSI
11806/A DC Mr John Bates
12437/A DC Mr John Burke
0335/A DC Mr John Finnegan MPSI
12742/A DC Mr John Gillick
4146/A DP Mr John Hartley
4168/A DP Mr John Heys
1030/A DC+DP Mr John M Nee
11859/A DC Mr John McElwain
11366/A DC Mr John Mulvey
0672/A DC Mr John O'Donnell MPSI
13390/A DP Mr John P Feeney
11375/A DP Mr John Prendergast
1245/A DC Mr Joseph A Burke/Mr Conan J Burke MPSI
1807/A DC Mr Joseph Gerard O'Beirne
12022/A DC Mr Keith Synnott
4515/A DP Mr Kevin Barry
11300/A DC Mr Kevin Mulhall
2199/A DC Mr Kevin O' Malley/Mr Gerry Mc Entee
0796/A DC Mr Kevin O'Gorman MPSI/ Geraldine O' Gorman MPSI
1448/A DC Mr Liam O" Daly, Director General
14745/A DP Mr Liam Troy
4454/A DC Mr Luke Baxter
11302/A DC Mr Marcus Timlin
13733/A DP Mr Mark A. Nangle
12361/A DC Mr Mark Dolan
12337/A DC Mr Mark Jackson
13042/A DP Mr Mark Loughney
4853/A DC Mr Martin K O'Donohoe
14622/A DP Mr Martin O' Shea
12275/A DP Mr Martin Shearman
11910/A DC Mr Martin T. Feeley
11516/A DP Mr Martin Timmins
11941/A DC Mr Maurice Neligan
12907/A DC Mr Mayilone Arumugasamy Upper GI & Bariatric Surgery
12695/A DC Mr Michael Colreavy
13697/A DP Mr Michael Curran
11858/A DC Mr Michael Dockery
12976/A DC Mr Michael Donnelly
4158/A DP Mr Michael Jennings
12948/A DC Mr Munish Shandilya
12735/A DC Mr Naishadh Patil
4532/A DC Mr Pádraig O" Dowd
2929/A DC Mr Padraic O' Neill
11177/A DC Mr Paraic Murray, Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon
0433/A DC Mr Patrick A Carragher MPSI
0827/A DC Mr Patrick Cleary (Dentist)
0862/A DC Mr Patrick Conroy BSC MPSI
14744/A DP Mr Patrick Donovan
13164/A DP Mr Patrick G Kennedy
12894/A DP Mr Patrick Gillespie T/a Alpha Communications
11390/A DP Mr Patrick Greene
14630/A DC Mr Patrick Hayes
0698/A DC Mr Patrick J Geoghegan FPSI
13696/A DP Mr Patrick Kavanagh
10937/A DC Mr Patrick Maher
3028/A DC Mr Patrick Mc Cartan, Optician
13920/A DC Mr Patrick McSherry
3041/A DC Mr Paul A Moriarty, Consultant Eye Surgeon
4173/A DP Mr Paul Gormley
13152/A DP Mr Paul Mac Carthy QFA
4203/A DP Mr Paul Melinn
14895/A DP Mr Paul Murphy
14951/A DP Mr paul Murphy
11906/A DC Mr Paul Neary
12713/A DC Mr Paul Nicholson
11923/A DC Mr Paul O' Brien
13672/A DC Mr Paul P Connell
10720/A DC Mr Pawan K. Rajpal
11387/A DP Mr Peter Nolan
11963/A DC Mr Peter O' Brien
10922/A DP Mr Peter Prior
10818/A DC Mr Prakash Madhavan
1098/A DC Mr Richard Woods MPSI
0742/N DP Mr Robert Butler, Principal Officer, Department of Agriculture, Food and the Marine
4172/A DP Mr Robert Horgan
11376/A DP Mr Robert McPartland
2138/A DC Mr Robert W Acheson
0866/A DC Mr Ronald Grainger, Urologist
11253/A DC Mr Rory Mc Conn Walsh
12745/A DC Mr Sami Awadalla
12732/A DC Mr Samir Gendy
4161/A DP Mr Seamus Duffy
13694/A DP Mr Sean Mcgreevy
0725/B DC+DP Mr Sean O'Connor Dept Justice & Equality
11926/A DC Mr Srikumar Krishnan
0920/A DC Mr Ted Moloney
10824/A DC Mr Thomas Aherne T/a Mr T Aherne
11511/A DP Mr Thomas Duffy

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