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The following is the current list of registrations held by the Office of the Data Protection Commissioner
(Last update: 10/04/2014)
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Ref No: Reg Type Company Name:
0032/A DC Meath Street Credit Union Ltd
0963/C DC Meath Street Pharmacy Ltd
10529/A DC Med F Ltd
13950/A DC Medfit Proactive Healthcare
12936/A DC Median Healthcare Services
7879/A DP Medical Account Services Ltd T/A Medserv
14139/A DP Medical Accounting Solutions Ltd
10953/A DP Medical Billing Ltd
1960/A DC Medical Bureau of Road Safety
6534/A DC Medical Council
1078/A DC Medical Hall Ltd
10479/A DC Medical Insurance Company Limited T/A as MIC
12767/A DP Medical Secretarial Services Ltd t/a Institute of Eye Surgery
13833/A DP Medicall Ambulance Ltd.
9537/A DC Medicare Health & Living Ltd
5561/A DC Medicentre
11555/A DC Medicentre, Drs Honan/Strumble/ O'Hara
14024/A DC Medicus Medical Centre
13728/A DP MediLink Ambulance
8824/A DC Mediman Ltd t/a Wards Pharmacy
13257/A DC Mediolanum International Funds Limited
4863/A DC Mediolanum International Life Ltd
9958/A DC Medipharm retail (dundrum) ltd T/A Medipharm
13829/A DC Medipoint Healthcare Ltd
13726/A DP Medisec Ireland Limited
11354/A DC Mediwise Ltd.,
11419/A DP MedLab Pathology Ltd
0029/A DC+DP Medmark Ltd
11240/A DP Medpro Billing Solutions
8144/A DC Medwise Ltd
12419/A DP Megabyte Technology
13753/A DC Melbourne Health Care Limited Our Lady of Lourdes Care Facility
12914/A DC melfer ltd t/a mc cormacks pharmacy
14301/A DC Mellerick Pharmacy Ltd
13122/A DC Mental Health (Criminal Law) Review Board
7440/A DC+DP Mental Health Commission
9032/A DC Mentor Forensic Services Ltd
0415/A DP Mercer (Ireland) Limited
9612/A DC+DP Mercer Financial Services Limited t/a Mercer
11616/A DC Mercer Master Trustees
11618/A DC Mercer Trustee Limited
4039/A DC Mercer's Medical Centre
8017/A DC Merchants Quay Ireland (Business Name) Merchants Quay Project Ltd Franciscan Social Justice Initiatives Ltd
5197/A DC Mercury Re. Limited
0868/A DC Mercy Hospital
13780/A DP Merdeka Security
11070/A DC Meridian Corporate & Occupational Health Ltd
11071/A DC Meridian Dental Clarehall Ltd
11069/A DC Meridian Physiotherapy Ltd
11066/A DC Meridian Primary Care Ltd
1727/A DP Meridian Vat Processing (Inter)
13751/A DP Merit Consulting Ltd
11458/A DP Merlin Park Imaging Centre
3043/A DC Merrill Lynch International Bank Limited
6886/A DC Merrion Capital Investment Managers Ltd
5278/A DC Merrion Fertility Clinic Ltd
10423/A DC Merrion Medical (Partnership) Dr.Sarah Carty, Dr.Enda Ryan and Dactyl 10.
11940/A DC Mespil 1 RMBS Limited
4681/A DC Meteor Mobile Communications
12833/A DC MetLife Europe Insurance Limited
9441/A DC MetLife Europe Limited (trading as MetLife)
11370/A DP Metlife Europe Services Ltd
10722/A DC Metzler Ireland Limited
13137/A DP Mg Phones Ltd
7192/A DC Michéal Fertéar
13393/A DP Michael Bevans
11642/A DP Michael Bond
10866/A DC Michael Buckley T/A Claymore Security Services
2486/A DC Michael Burke MPSI
12831/A DC Michael Cronin, Elaine Keily and Associates, Dental Surgery
11507/A DP Michael Davis
11608/A DP Michael Doyle
11227/A DP Michael Egan
13143/A DP Michael Feeney
12987/A DC Michael Freedman
13307/A DC Michael Gerard Kyne
5492/A DC Michael Gibbons
13466/A DC Michael Hanley's Chemist Ltd
13688/A DC Michael Harney Ear Nose and Throat Unlimited
12421/A DC Michael Hayes
13360/A DP Michael Heaney
11597/A DP Michael Hogan
4469/A DC Michael Hughes & Sons Ltd
13742/A DP Michael J.Tierney & Associates Ltd
14273/A DP Michael Kennedy
8116/A DP Michael Long
14161/A DP Michael Lynch
11506/A DP Michael MacHale
13147/A DP Michael Mannion
2403/A DC Michael Mc Loughlin Pharmacy Ltd
13473/A DP Michael McGarrigle
14127/A DP Michael McLoughlan
13823/A DP Michael Mulligan Limited T/A Mulligan Accident Investigations
8841/A DP Michael Murphy
13396/A DP Michael Murphy t/a Michael Murphy
8007/A DP Michael O' Grady & Co.
7725/A DC Michael O'Hea, Fiona O'Hanlon
13401/A DP Michael O'Mahony
13404/A DP Michael O'Malley
9170/A DC Michael O'Shaughnessy

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