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The following is the current list of registrations held by the Office of the Data Protection Commissioner
(Last update: 18/12/2014)
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Ref No: Reg Type Company Name:
11279/A DC ILP Pension Trustees Limited
8674/A DC Imagine Broadband Services Limited
7881/A DC Imagine Telecommunications Business Limited
13913/A DC Imokilly Physiotherapy & Sports Injury Clinic
5183/A DP Imscan Ireland Ltd.
13632/A DP Incaplex Ltd
1787/A DC Inchicore & District Credit Union Ltd
2415/A DC Incorporated Orthopaedic Hospital of Ireland
8368/A DC Independent Newspapers
0140/A DC Indogroup Credit Union Ltd
14687/A DP Indra Sistems S.A - Irish Branch
2613/A DC Industrial Development Agency (Ireland)
14281/A DP Indy Mobile Ltd
14543/A DP Indy Mobile Ltd t/a Irish Mobile / 3 Nenagh
10315/A DC Ineos Insurance LTD
11677/A DP Infinity Integration Technology Limited T/A Infinity IT
14205/A DP Information Security Assurance Services Ltd (T?A ISAS)
10335/A DC ING Bank NV, Dublin Branch
12092/A DC Inish Health (Muff) Limited t/a Inish Pharmacy
9657/A DC Inish Health Limited T/A Inish Pharmacy
12218/A DC Inishowen Credit Union Ltd
0762/A DC Inland Fisheries Ireland
2563/A DC Innovative Print Solutions Ltd
12402/A DC+DP Innovios
4802/A DC Inora Life Limited
1909/A DC+DP Insight Web Marketing Ltd
14759/A DC Insolvency Service of Ireland
5009/A DC+DP Inspiration Marketing Consultancy
14935/A DC Inspire (Henry Fitzsiommons)
14481/A DP Inspired Software & Services Limited
10206/A DC Instant Cash Loans Ireland LTD t/a The Money Shop, Robert Biggar, Robert Biggar Pawnbroker & Robert Biggar Pawnbroker (Estb.1830)
0718/A DC+DP Insurance Ireland
12139/A DP Insurances And General / Investigation Services Ltd
13399/A DC Intaglio Funding Limited
11457/A DP Integrated Communications Limited
12518/A DP Integrity Risk &Claims Mangement Services Ltd
1830/A DP Intel Ireland Ltd
10278/A DP Intelligo Software Ltd.
13356/A DP Inter Partner Assistance Global Services Limited
12763/A DP Intercall T/a Taketdale ltd
1903/A DC Internal Audit Unit, Department of Agriculture, Food and the Marine
5281/A DC+DP International Financial Data Services (Ireland) Ltd
13732/A DP International Fire Investigators and Consultants Ltd
4902/A DP International Fund Services (Ireland) Limited
14117/A DC International Loan Plan Limited T/A ILP Finance
12644/A DP International Loss Control Services Ltd
14234/A DP Interpay Sales Promotions Limited
11679/A DC Intertrust Corporate Services (Dublin) Limited
11473/A DC Intertrust Management Ireland Limited
2953/A DC Intesa Sanpaola Life LTD
6783/A DC Intesa Sanpaolo Bank Ireland plc
4084/A DC+DP Intrum Justitia Ireland Limited
10505/A DP Inventise Business Solutions
14722/A DP Inventive Marketing Ltd
5719/A DC+DP Inveralmond Insurance Limited
2635/A DC INVESCO Global Asset Management Limited
11278/A DC Invesco Trustees Limited
14095/A DC Investec Bank plc (Irish Branch)
14195/A DC Investec Capital & Investments (Ireland) Limited
14096/A DP Investec Ireland Ltd
9096/A DC+DP IOCANN Limited trading name: Webtext
2904/A DC Ionad Leighis an Daingin
14263/A DP Ipone Ltd
4806/A DC IPOS Retail 18 Limited
5395/A DC IPOS Retail 21 Ltd t/a ODC Chemist
14784/A DC IptiQ Life
10431/A DC+DP Ireland Assist Limited
8543/A DC+DP Irish Association of Community Training Organisations Ltd (IACTO)
11280/A DC Irish Association of Physical Therapists
8781/A DC Irish Auditing and Accounting Supervisory Authority ("IAASA")
0195/A DC+DP Irish Bank Resolution Corporation Limited
0560/A DC+DP Irish Blood Transfusion Service
7798/A DC Irish Broadband Internet Services Limited
13275/A DP Irish Cancer Society
2117/A DC Irish Co-Operative Organisation Society Limited
10144/A DC+DP Irish Council for Overseas Students
1989/A DC Irish Creamery Milk Suppliers Association
0367/A DC+DP Irish Credit Bureau Ltd
13766/A DC Irish Dairy Board Insurance Limited
1212/A DC Irish Family Planning Association
2013/A DC Irish Farm Accounts Co-Operative Society Limited
6626/A DC Irish Health Pharm Ltd t/a Whelans Pharmacy
0381/A DC+DP Irish Life Assurance Plc
10076/A DC+DP Irish Life Centre
12446/A DC+DP Irish Life Financial Services Limited
14617/A DP Irish Life Group Services Limited
2946/A DC+DP Irish Life Investment Managers Ltd
6706/A DC Irish Life Trustee Services Limited
5221/A DC Irish Medicines Board
1431/A DC Irish Museum of Modern Art
0730/A DC Irish National Petroleum Corporation Ltd
11617/A DC Irish Pensions Trust Limited
5609/A DC Irish Permanent Property Company Ltd
4214/A DP Irish Progressive Services International Ltd.
0199/A DC Irish Public Bodies Mutual Insurances LTD
9352/A DC Irish Sentencing Information System (ISIS) Pilot

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