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The following is the current list of registrations held by the Office of the Data Protection Commissioner
(Last update: 18/12/2014)
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Ref No: Reg Type Company Name:
5648/A DC Heaney's Pharmacy Ltd
13511/A DC Heartaid Ltd
10457/A DP HedgeServ Ltd
14456/A DP Heidi McCann
2158/A DC Helaba Asset Services
12228/A DP Helen Rouine
12405/A DC Helios DE Investments Limited
2742/A DP Helix Health Limited
12947/A DC+DP Hello Business Services Limited T/A
10141/A DC Hely's Pharmacy
11422/A DC Hemfield Ltd t/a Callans Pharmacy
2440/A DC Hendrick's Pharmacy
13610/A DP Henry Management & Maintenance Services
1073/A DC Herlihy's Chemist Ltd
14621/A DP Hewlett - Packard Ireland Limited t/a Hewlett - Packard CDS, Ireland
4230/A DC Hewlett-Packard International Bank PLC
14508/A DP Hewlett-Packard Ireland Limited
14926/A DC Hibbereen Pharmacy Limited T/A Horgan's Pharmacy
10975/A DP Hibernia Services Ltd
10122/A DC Hibernian Healthcare at Home
7274/A DC Hibernian Healthcare Ltd
14648/A DP Hibernian Legal (International) Limited
2336/A DC Hickey's Pharmacy Fordtron Holdings Ltd.
8588/A DC Hicktron Ltd T/A Lusk Pharmacy
6663/A DC Hidden Hearing Ltd.
12454/A DP Higgins Claims Services,
5326/A DC High Cross Pharmacy Ltd
1483/A DC Higher Education Authority
13426/A DC Hilary Greaney
13512/A DC Hilary Ikele
14705/A DC Hilltop Pharmacies Ltd t/a Kieran's Avenue Pharamacy
8624/A DC Hilton Gilsenan Ltd t/a Hiltons Pharmacy
11332/A DC Hiltons Pharmacy (Parnell St.) Ltd.
2370/A DC Hiltons Pharmacy Ltd
14851/A DC HiPharm Limited trading as The Mill Pharmacy
5716/A DC Hitachi Capital Insurance Limited
10131/A DP HMCA/s Plc
12595/A DC Hodgson Moore Pathology Services Limited
1183/A DC Hogan's Pharmacy (Limk) Limited
13513/A DC+DP Holland Integrity Group International Limited
10250/A DC Hollyhill Medical Centre
2364/A DC Holly's Pharmacy (Arklow) Ltd
12240/A DC Holy Family Credit Union Ltd
10110/A DC Homepharm Ltd
2975/A DC Honeyford Limited
2343/A DC Horgans Pharmacy
6001/A DC Horgan's Pharmacy
5993/A DC Horgan's Pharmacy (Bandon)
11104/A DP Horgans Pharmacy (Market Square) Limited
0944/A DC Horgan's Pharmacy (Skibbereen)
8428/A DC Horse Racing Ireland
12848/A DP Hospital Services Limited
0472/A DC+DP Houses of the Oireachtas Service
12217/A DP Housing and Sustainable Communities Agency
0150/A DC Housing Finance Agency Plc
10666/A DP HSB Engineering Insurance Limited
3082/A DC HSBC Bank PLC
5815/A DC HSBC Institutional Trust Services (Ireland) Ltd
2194/A DC HSBC Life (Europe) Limited
2334/A DC+DP HSBC Securities Services (Ireland) Limited
5111/A DC HSF health plan Ltd
13247/A DC+DP Hudson Advisors Europe Limited
13248/A DC+DP Hudson Advisors Ireland Limited
12770/A DP Hudson Global Resources Limited (Branch) t/a Hudson
12604/A DC Hudson Park Ltd t/a We Care Pharmacy
14565/A DP Hugh Byrne, Michael Casey, Paul Fitzpatrick, Peter Sullivan and Michael Kinsella
12861/A DP Hugh Huston
14656/A DC Hugh J Ward & Co Solicitors
14332/A DP Hugh Lambert
1170/A DC Hunters Pharmacy
4635/A DC Huntstown Pharmacy Ltd t/a address
9746/A DC HWCP Ltd T/A HealthWest Community Pharmacy
12593/A DC IAC Search and Media Europe Ltd
14457/A DP Ian heffernan
14328/A DC Ian Marshall
9215/A DC IBI Corporate Finance Ltd
13811/A DC+DP IBI International Bureau of Intelligance Ltd
12137/A DP IBM Ireland Limited
12919/A DP IBM Ireland Product Distribution Ltd
4701/A DC IBRC Assurance Company Ltd
11817/A DP ICE Computer Services Ltd
14650/A DC ICM Pharmacies (T/A Lloyds Pharmacy, Ringsend)
2537/A DC+DP Icon plc
14575/A DP I-conX Solutions Ltd
0540/A DC+DP ICS Building Society
12949/A DP Identicare Limited
1844/A DC+DP IDFA (Quality Printers) Limited
14292/A DP Idoneus Medical Services Limited
13826/A DC IDR Finance Ireland II Limited
12777/A DC IDR Finance Ireland Limited
13492/A DP IE Claims Management Ltd
10944/A DP IE Limited
14358/A DC IFA Telecom Limited t/a IFA Member Services
10277/A DP IFDS Percana Group Ltd
8078/A DP IFDS Percana International Managed Services Limited
8410/A DC+DP IFG Pensco Limited
12019/A DC IFSC Pharmacy Ltd T/A Remedi Pharmacy
13956/A DC IFSC Physiotherapy Clinic
8982/A DP ILIKECAKE Limited
2261/A DC Illingvale Ltd

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