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The following is the current list of registrations held by the Office of the Data Protection Commissioner
(Last update: 16/04/2015)
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Ref No: Reg Type Company Name:
13633/A DP Custodian Consultancy Ltd
6275/A DC Custom Detective and Recoveries Services
10886/A DP Custom House Fund Services (Ireland) Ltd
8729/A DP Customer Centric Trading as Deep Insight Ltd
13200/A DP CustomerMinds Limited
5591/A DC+DP Cybercom
14104/A DC Cynthia Murphy
0213/A DC D Harrington & Son Ltd (Pharmacy)
12306/A DC D&B Business Information Solutions
14973/A DC D11 Dental Dr Ruth Stokes, Dr Martin Tier, Dr Eimear Toomey
14813/A DC D4 Medical Centre
7486/A DP DABL Limited
10422/A DC Dactyl 10 t/a Churchtown Medical
10421/A DC Dactyl 10 trading as Barrow Medical
10417/A DC Dactyl 10 trading as Clonard Medical
14503/A DC Dactyl X and Dr Bill Fegan, Dr Noel O'Gorman & Dr Eugene Swaine
9607/A DC Dactyl X in partnership with Dr Declan Woods & Dr Patricia O'Toole, t/a Centric Health Carlow
11442/A DC Dactyl X in partnership with Dr Sean Lynch t/a Raheny Medical
15011/A DC Dactyl X ltd and Dr Michael O' Brien
12296/A DC Dactyl X, Dr Philip Mac Mahon, Dr Justin Smyth&JDS Medical Services Ltd Ranelagh Medical
12611/A DC Dactyl X, t/a Newbridge Medical & Newbridge Dental
2874/A DC Daly's Lane Surgery
14348/A DP Damien Gavin
13876/A DC Damien O' Sullivan Physiotherapy
15059/A DP Damien O'Reilly
14632/A DP Damovo Ireland Ltd
12256/A DP Dan Cagney
12912/A DC Dan Counihan Orthodontics
13737/A DP Dan McInerney
10861/A DC Dan O' Keeffe Pharmacy LTD
13378/A DP Dan O' Sullivan
10175/A DC Dan Sean's Pharmacy
12171/A DC Danderville Ltd t/a Doyles Pharmacy
13614/A DC Daniel O Connell
11195/A DC Daniel Rawluk
8971/A DP Daniel Sheahan t/a Delve Research
0006/A DC+DP Danske Bank A/S trading as Danske Bank
13645/A DC Dara Kavanagh
11301/A DC Darach William Crimmins
14757/A DC Daraglen Limited t/a Riverchapel Pharmacy
8764/A DC Darcor Pharmacy
10742/A DC Darep Limited
0590/A DC Dargans Chemist Ltd
14631/A DC Dargle Pharmacies Holdings limited
14299/A DC Dariusz Buczkowski t/a Newpark Medical@Dental Clinic
14502/A DC Darjem Limited trading as Bump Insurance
13210/A DC Darnell Limited
14375/A DP Darragh O' Dea
13891/A DC Darren and Joanne Gaffey
14827/A DC Darren Clarke
14793/A DP Darren Hanlon
13577/A DC Darren McCourt
15060/A DP Darren McNally
13498/A DC Darryl Barry
11514/A DP Darryl Jones
7432/A DC Darta Saving Life Assurance Ltd
8511/A DC+DP DAS Legal Expenses Insurance Company Ltd
1990/A DC+DP Data Ireland
12212/A DP Data Marketing Solutions
0937/A DC Data Protection Commissioner
0826/A DP Dataconversion (Software) Ltd
7789/A DP Dataconversion Direct Ltd
12121/A DP Datahug Ltd
12343/A DP Datalytics
11223/A DC+DP Dataxcel Limited
12520/A DC Davenzo Limited trading as Foleys of Clontarf
14541/A DC David and Karen Cosgrove
12348/A DC David Borton Medical Practice
14394/A DP David Byrne
13450/A DP David Carroll
15062/A DP David Daly
14203/A DC David Fitzgerald and Grainne McKeown t/a Dublin Physiotherapy Clinic
12494/A DP David Fogarty Claims Management Services Ltd
10300/A DC David Gough
12373/A DC David Healy
13372/A DP David Hedderman Financial Services
10740/A DC David Kane
12554/A DC David Kane
14440/A DP David Kearns
9477/A DC David Kent
0851/A DC David King Pharmaceutical Ltd
13752/A DP David L. Semple & Associates
14430/A DP David McCurtin
15041/A DC David McMurray
14952/A DP David Mooney
15115/A DP David Nevin
12491/A DC David O' Brien
14382/A DP David O' Sullivan
13334/A DP David Prendergast
14454/A DP David Price
14411/A DP David Wood
5273/A DC Davis Pharmacy
13987/A DP Dawson MGA Limited
2642/A DP DB Service Centre Limited
14035/A DC DBC Physiotherapy
14801/A DC DCC Group Insurances Limited
12186/A DC DCP Pharmacy Ltd
12837/A DC De Lage Landen Re Limited
12428/A DC+DP Dealer Marketing

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