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The following is the current list of registrations held by the Office of the Data Protection Commissioner
(Last update: 16/04/2014)
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Ref No: Reg Type Company Name:
11688/A DP Contract People LTD
9777/A DC+DP Cook Medical
4215/A DC Cooladine Ltd. ( T/A McKenna's Pharmacy )
0959/A DC Cooley Credit Union Ltd
7047/A DC Coolmine Therapeutic Community
0134/A DC Coolock-Artane Credit Union Ltd
0382/A DC Coombe Women and Infants University Hospital Hospital
1893/A DC Cootehill Credit Union Limited
0209/A DC COPS pharmacy Ltd t/a Reens Pharmacy
11600/A DP Cora Hennessy
8412/A DC Coras Iompair Éireann Medical Department
5182/A DC Coras Iompair Eireann Pharmacy
11661/A DC+DP Coraw Services Limited Driver Focus
13867/A DP Corcoran Autobody Works Ltd
8632/A DC Cordar Pharmacy Ltd
13552/A DP Core Claims Services Ltd
11095/A DP Core International
11707/A DC Core Telecommunications International Limited t/a Dial-A-Code
7657/A DC+DP Corium Limited
0471/A DC+DP Cork City Council
9981/A DC Cork Community Broadband Ltd
0277/A DC+DP Cork County Council
14160/A DC Cork Education and Training Board
10264/A DC Cork Laparoscopic Surgery
13624/A DC Cork Mobile Dental Care
9184/A DC Cork Obstetrics and Gynaecology Associates Prof. John Higgins, Prof. Richard Greene,, Dr John Coulter and Dr Matt Hewitt, Prof. Louise Kenny, Dr Keelin o'Donoghue, Dr Máiread O' Riordan,
11246/A DC Cork Private Breast Clinic, Mr Emmet Andrews, Dr Derek Power
7894/A DC Cork Urology Ltd
13272/A DC Corlin Ventures Ltd - Gregg Barry, Daniel Collins
11534/A DP Cormac Doherty
7198/A DC Cormac Reynolds
14145/A DP Cormac Sheehy
10135/A DC Cornelscourt Dental Practice
0080/A DC+DP Cornmarket Group Financial Services Ltd
8059/A DC Coromin Insurance (Ireland) Limited
0006/A DC+DP Corporate and Institutions Danske Bank
9634/A DC Corporate Assistance Limited t/a The Corporate Services Group Company
10715/A DC Corporate Health Ireland
4661/A DC Corroy Pharmaceuticals Ltd.,
2791/A DC Corr's Pharmacy (Clare Hall) Ltd
6054/A DC Corrs Pharmacy (Clogherhead) Ltd
8679/A DC Costigan's Pharmacy Blind St. Ltd
12060/A DC Cottisford Ltd t/a Connollys Pharmacy
2153/A DC Country Markets Limited
5476/A DC County Dublin VEC
4744/A DC Coxpharm Ltd
0247/A DC Coyle's Pharmacy (Castleblayney) Limited
8905/A DC+DP CPL Resources Plc, CPL Solutions, Thornshaw, Techskills, Careers Register, Cpl Healthcare, Flexsource, Nursefinders, Kate Cowhig International, Servisource, PHC, Kenny Whelan, Nifast, Career Consultants, Cpl Learning and Development
5628/A DP Credit Card Systems (Ireland) Ltd
7564/A DP Credit Insurance Management Company Ltd T/A CIMCO
14240/A DC+DP Credit Management Outsource Solutions (CMOS) Ltd T/A CMOS
12544/A DC Credit Suisse Administration Services (Ireland) Limited t/a Prime Fund Services
12543/A DC Credit Suisse International, Dublin Branch
13691/A DP CreditExpo Ltd
12033/A DC Creditsafe Ireland Limited
13762/A DP Cremin Gallagher Assocs Ltd
12090/A DC Crescent Dental
7706/A DC Crescent Endodontics Dr. Donagh Kennedy
2426/A DC Crescent Medical Hall LTD t/a Crescent Pharmacy
8057/A DC Criminal Injuries Compensation Tribunal
11334/A DP Crimson Tide (IE) Limited
7298/A DP Critical Data Services
12970/A DP Critical Village Ltd T/a Accadian
10747/A DC Croke, Eamon Denis
0086/A DC Cronins' Pharmacy Ltd
0039/A DC+DP Crosshaven/Carrigaline Credit Union Ltd
9795/A DC Crowley's Pharmacy
5996/A DC Crowleys Pharmacy LTD
10847/A DP Crown Records Management
8848/A DC Cruinniu Developments T/A Daly Pharmacy
10036/A DC CT Pharmacy Limited T/A CT Pharmacy
14303/A DP CU Advisory Services Ltd
11032/A DC Cuan Mhuire Teoranta
11032/A DC Cuan Mhuire Teoranta
1789/A DC Cuchullain Credit Union Ltd
5698/A DC Cuddys Medical Hall and Co Ltd
13820/A DP CUFA Ltd
13079/A DC CUH Anaesthetists Group, Department of Anaesthesia, Intensive Care and Pain Management
4623/A DC Cullen's Pharmacy Ltd
2000/A DC Cumann Arachais Fear Na Buan Oglaigh (CAFNBO)
10940/A DC+DP Cuna Mutual Group Services (Ireland) Ltd
10522/A DC+DP CUNA Mutual Insurance (Europe) Limited
8330/A DC+DP CUNA Mutual Life Assurance (Europe) Limited
10705/A DC Curaheen Road Pharmacy Ltd
14088/A DC+DP CUSOP (Payments) Limited t/a CUSOP
13633/A DP Custodian Consultancy Ltd
6275/A DC Custom Detective and Recoveries Services
10886/A DP Custom House Fund Services (Ireland) Ltd
8729/A DP Customer Centric Trading as Deep Insight Ltd
13200/A DP CustomerMinds Limited
5591/A DC+DP Cybercom
14104/A DC Cynthia Murphy
0213/A DC D Harrington & Son Ltd (Pharmacy)
12306/A DC D&B Business Information Solutions
8610/A DC D. V. Marron & Co. Ltd.
7486/A DP DABL Limited
10422/A DC Dactyl 10 t/a Churchtown Medical
10420/A DC Dactyl 10 trading as Baldoyle Medical
10421/A DC Dactyl 10 trading as Barrow Medical

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